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Project Information
Created on: 25th December 2018

code monkeys

site layout & functionality •

the initial purpose of this project is to play with some ideas.

yes, there is already a web team project, but it has not been all that active in awhile.

yes, any change to this site requires some decision making beyond the scope of this project, some of which could get into redefining the general purpose or vision.

yes, there is a related history of discussions, projects, polls, decisions prior.. as well as a lack of follow-thru on some things or just general fade-away. parts of that will be sorted into topics within this project for a fresh looksy.

topic guide:

TALKIN TOOLBOX - information society

CHAINLINK - sorted history of blah-blah

FRAMING - measure once, death by a thousand cuts

TRAILER - wu is comin thru

BUDDY SYSTEM - pressed for words

PLAYHOUSE - all i wanted was a pepsi machine

HOME IMPROVEMENT - change is the only constant

CELLAR DOOR - destiny hope osiris

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