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Victor Hertzfeld

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Date Joined: 31st March 2012
Gender: Male
Birthday: 19th October 1981
Chapters: United States > California > San Diego

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A Proposal for a Preliminary Convention, from the San Diego Chapter

We in the San Diego Chapter would like to intervene in the discussion of a founding convention, and the parameters leading to such a convention.  See discussion of a perceived need for a founding convention and proposals for preconditions…

Semi-Monthly Meeting

The "Event:Meeting" function was not working so I am posting this as a blog.  We are having a meeting on Wednesday (June 27th) at Rebbecca's Coffee Shop on Juniper and 30th/Fern in South Park.  The meeting is at 6:30 hope all can…

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Socialism, selfgovernment and selfmanagement

This project would to join most peoples to exchange materials, studies, opinion on the argument of self-government and self-management in world today and in the history yesterday, not only in a marxist…

IOPS Summer (California)

California IOPS Members, I believe that we need to start moving this organization off of the internet and into the world of human bodies.  In other words we need to meet each other. The first step…

Study Group on the Role of a Revolutionary Organization

All, I think it would be useful for us to begin discussing revolutionary theory, and our stradegy on what role IOPS will play, relative to social movements at large. I think it would be useful for a group…

The Local & Regional Chapter Forum and Project Project

Project Description Revised August 2014   Members of this project commit to creating chapter-specific content for their local or regional chapter page, and working with their provisional chapter…

Completed: Michael Albert North American IOPS Speaking Tour

11/19/12 Notice of Tour Restructuring Dear Project Members, Proposed Host Chapter point persons, local project members and others aiding in the effort.   First, thank you for all efforts, successful…

California Meet-Up 2013

Friends,  A discussion was previously started regarding the desire to meet-up in California: http://www.iopsociety.org/united-states/california/projects/iops-summer-california. This project is desirous…