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Tom Morris

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Date Joined: 27th September 2012
Gender: Male
Chapters: England > West Midlands > Birmingham

Former Trotskyist, now a libertarian communist. Political thinkers I've found useful and inspiring include the Solidarity group (especially Maurice Brinton), Rosa Luxemburg, Anton Pannekoek, Murray Bookchin, Michael Albert, Victor Serge and the Krondstadt rebels.

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Other Political Affiliations: Local anti-cuts group
CND (though not actively)

Tell Tale Signs

A recent visit to a local bookshop left me feeling optimistic about IOPS's prospects. The shop in question now has three new political sections - 1:'Why Marx was right'; 2: 'Left Book Club'; and 3: 'Viva la Revolution!'. The stock on offer…

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Birmingham (UK) ParSoc Study & Advocacy Group

This group has been set-up for members in the Birmingham / West Midlands area.  Its function is to (1) aid understanding and further development of partcipatory analysis, vision and strategy, and…

Study Group on the Role of a Revolutionary Organization

All, I think it would be useful for us to begin discussing revolutionary theory, and our stradegy on what role IOPS will play, relative to social movements at large. I think it would be useful for a group…

North of Watford Development Group

What is the North of Watford Development Group (NWDG)? The NWDG is a group for people in the North of England to get together and share ideas for and experiences of recruiting new members and the formation…