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Date Joined: 4th September 2012
Gender: Male
Birthday: 17th September 1981
Chapters: Netherlands > South Holland > Den Haag

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Project proposal: IOPS Wiki

The idea of creating a wiki for IOPS has come up several times in the past and has already resulted in an IOPS Examples Wiki. This blog is the latest attempt to get a wiki going. If you'd like to participate, please leave a comment.The rationale…

Website Content Curators — Call for Candidates

The task of the content curators is to ensure that the website is a place where members and sympathizers can find material that is interesting and relevant. More concretely, the team's primary task is twofold, as outlined in the proposal for…

Proposal for fighting spam members

Since more than a year we've had a steady influx of spam members: members created by spambots that most often put links to their websites on their profile page to garner traffic. This means some spambots are able to circumvent the spam protection…

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If you would like to participate in translating any IOPS related content you're welcome to join this project.

Ecological Action, Reconstruction & Theory Hub

The interim IOPS Vision seeks the facilitating of the 'ecologically sound reconstruction of society'. E.A.R.T.H. is  an international affinity group, open discussion forum and resource library focussed…

Website Team

The website team was initiated in 2012 by former website administrator Jason Chrysostomou for maintenance, bug fixing, strategic planning and innovation work on the site. Previous discussions can…

Parecon Software Design & Devel.

Perhaps the limiting factor for adoption of our system is the lack of software. If this is the case, then we should develop a working software implementation of Parecon that is usable for at least a few…

Creating New IOPS Forums

I feel like the forums here aren't very good or conducive to much conversation, they're not very attractive and they're hard to find. These things all together I think may stifle potential members who…

Love Unriot

Originally this was pitched as a communal blog for continuing to ask questions and keep an open mind.

Deciding the Future of IOPS (completed)

The purpose of this project is to prepare for a poll or polls among the overall membership for deciding on the future of IOPS. It is open to any member who is interested in helping out with this. As anyone…

Reimagining IOPS – The Project (completed)

The aim of this project is to prepare one or more proposals for changes to IOPS that can be voted on by the membership against the alternative, default proposal to disband. When these proposals are sufficiently…

IOPS Financial Team 2016

Project for the development and fulfilment of the mandate of the IOPS financial team elected in 2016: Proposal 13: Appoint a financial team, consisting of three members, whose main responsibility is to…

Financial Administrator Tasks

This project has been created to discuss the the implentation and processes of the initial IOPS Financial Administrator role. Many ideas have been posted already, but we also have a looming March/April…

Content Curator Team

This project was created to discuss activities surrounding the team of content curators. Any interested member is welcome to join the project and participate in discussions and other activities carried…

IOPS wiki

The goal of this project is to create a wiki that can serve as an alternative resource for knowledge and ideas relevant for activists/IOPS-ers, next to the existing website. Ideally it should become a…