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ricardo martinez

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Date Joined: 29th March 2012
Gender: Male
Birthday: 6th December 2012
Chapters: United States > Florida > Miami

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Social Media

If you would like to participate in social media surrounding IOPS you're welcome to join this project. So far we've created the following. Facebook International Page http://www.facebook.com/iopsociety…

April 2012 Membership Drive - Completed

Although this project is completed, all IOPS members are encouraged to, and no doubt are, continuing to introduce IOPS to their friends and community, asking those interested to read the IOPS Mission…

Anti-Capitalist Political Prisoner Support

Throughout the world people willing to sacrifice their personal freedoms to directly confront State/Corporate/Capitalist Power are being held behind bars. I am creating this project in an attempt to reach…

Inactive: Skill/Knowledge Sharing Workshops

This project does not appear to be active.  Other, more focused, projects appear to have replaced this one, the purpose of which was to elicit and collect general interest and ability statements,…

Finding Non-Oppressive Work (IOPS-like workplaces)

Workplaces operating under IOPS-like criteria (see IOPS Mission, Vision, Structure and Program details) are listed.  Are these the only places in our country where at least three people can work…

Socialism, selfgovernment and selfmanagement

This project would to join most peoples to exchange materials, studies, opinion on the argument of self-government and self-management in world today and in the history yesterday, not only in a marxist…

Perception Dollar

I have been working for nearly two decades to change our debt based, war economy towards a peaceful, cooperative, gift economy.  I have promoted the idea of "Community Currencies" to be created democratically…