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Luke Hayes

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Date Joined: 1st April 2013
Gender: Male
Chapters: Australia > Queensland > Caboolture

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Australia G20 Presidency 2014

It's Time For A Change! I have created a 1 - 2 day online short course which I am making available for free. The content is framed to share ideas, or bits of information about our reality, in a sequence that will empower the belief in an infinite…

I Choose Infinity - 1,000,000 Voices, ONE Song

Choosing Infinity To Choose Infinity, is to decide that living on a balanced, exciting, peaceful and harmonious planet is far better than experiencing fear, pain, war, famine and oppression. This is the mental switch, this choice. If you can…

Question Authority

What if You... Asked your State and Federal Politicians to PROVE THEIR AUTHORITY? Q: What is the definition of Society?A: A group of people joined by mutual consent to deliberate determine and act towards a common goal. Q: What…

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About Projects Project

The purpose of this project is to inform project creators and would-be creators of existing IOPS projects conventions (primary purpose – not the best way, temporary solution), discuss project-management…

Disaster Resilience TOP 50 Systems and Technologies

I'm re-commencing an online podcast series to identify the Worlds Best Disaster Resilience Systems and Technologies to interview their creators and team leaders in an effort to create a Global Top 50…