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Mark W

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Date Joined: 20th June 2012
Gender: Male
Birthday: 15th December 1980
Chapters: England > Greater London > Islington

I am currently involved in the Occupy movement in London. I make a podcast called Occupy Radio. I also make short films to promote grassroots work and events. I'm interested in developing my practical skills but also my ability to understand political theory and activism in fresh ways. I have experience in direct action, event organising, group work and facilitation, press strategy and community work.

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Gender and Race Issues

One of the Occupy movement's most notable successes has been to link the political system and the economic system into one question of inequality. As a consequence Occupy has had much to say about democracy, capitalsim, the fincial secter and…

Occupy Strategy - A Review by Mark Weaver

Occupy Strategy written by Michael Albert, Jessica Azulay and David marty is the concluding volume in the Fanfare For the Future trilogy. The previous two volumes Occupy Theory and Occupy Vision build the intellectual framework and foundation…

Occupied People's Library

Friern Barnet in North London is a little known testing ground for the government's austerity plan. The counsil are in the process of cutting over twenty services including Children's Services, Social Care and Health and Safety. The counsil…

Michael Albert Vids

Hey Guys Here are the links to the Michael Albert visit to IOPS London @ The Firebox Cafe Part 1 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9TVc6mbWmVw Part 2 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qanIDU7sas0 mk

Building IOPS London

Now that IOPS London exists the question is "Will it do anything?"  An answer we will all agree on is "We hope so". The people who have made IOPS London what it is have done a comendable job of organising events, welcoming new people,…

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IOPS London - Skill Share Project

  This is a self managed project being initiated by three IOPS London members and open to anyone else that would like to contribute to it - we hope you will!  The aim is to offer…