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Max H

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Date Joined: 29th May 2014
Gender: Male
Birthday: 18th January 1984
Chapters: United States > Texas > Dallas

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...help me to carry the stone?

Recent questions on my mind to get the discussion-ball rolling 1. how to adapt the long-term strategies of social-change we have inherited (and/or equip new ones) in light of the urgency of climate disruption? 2. And also the dilemma of putting…

Homegrown effort to organize educators

Fed-up with the divisive tactics and top-down structure of national unions, local teacher Ana Fores Tamayo started a local effort from the bottom-up to organize part-time teachers.  Whether you are a full-time or part-time educator, a…

A funhouse mirror

These guys sound a lot like us but less decriptive and more vague.  They seem not to have heard of us and think they are the first to attempt this.  That's ok.  I am going to look more into it and see if the local IOPS members want to merge…

The People!

While HOAs use the Bataan community center, other west Dallas residents, whose taxes pay for the place, are being barred from holding meetings there. Why? Because the executive director does not like their dangerous message: which is that the…

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Its noted on Znet already, but i thought I should make notice of it here too. Our upcoming book PARECOMIC, please support it if you can:'Parecomic: Michael Albert and the Story of Participatory Economics'…

Translating IOPS

A project to take the ideas of IOPS, chew them over and make them more accessible and pertinent for people that we would like to join or just like :)   So - We like IOPS, we think it is important…

The Waiting Room Project

Don't recycle that chapter you printed on Parecon, or any other IOPS material!  Leave it in a waiting room!   

The Local & Regional Chapter Forum and Project Project

Project Description Revised August 2014   Members of this project commit to creating chapter-specific content for their local or regional chapter page, and working with their provisional chapter…

About Projects Project

The purpose of this project is to inform project creators and would-be creators of existing IOPS projects conventions (primary purpose – not the best way, temporary solution), discuss project-management…

Love Unriot

Hope this will become a communal blog for continuing to ask questions and keep an open mind.  

Improving the Joining Process (completed)

The recently published IOPS Non-Member Survey Report ended with four conclusions, two of which were: ● We need to be more explicit how prospective members will be able to contribute concretely towards…

Essential Radical Readings Reading Group

I am interested in getting a group of us together online to discuss and debate essential radical readings, in the hopes that we can then begin to formualte new ideas and strategies for the IOPS. The first…

Magnifying Glass

Voluntary Magnifying Glass Rotation Proposal     - Randomly assign one slot to every individual (one slot per month in this case)     - When it's your turn, you select the event/task…

Mutual-Aid Network, Tool-Share, Skill-Share (MANTSSS)

see the resources tab at the top-right of our chapter page for details

Buyers' Club

Save money by buying in bulk together! We are starting with produce (e.g., frutis and vegetables) every first friday of the month at the UU Dinner & Movie Nights.  email iopsdallas@gmail.com…

Deciding the Future of IOPS (completed)

The purpose of this project is to prepare for a poll or polls among the overall membership for deciding on the future of IOPS. It is open to any member who is interested in helping out with this. As anyone…

Reimagining IOPS – The Project (completed)

The aim of this project is to prepare one or more proposals for changes to IOPS that can be voted on by the membership against the alternative, default proposal to disband. When these proposals are sufficiently…