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Kuan Phillips

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Date Joined: 14th February 2012
Gender: Male
Birthday: 4th May 2012
Chapters: England > Greater London > Havering

Born in 1975, I am originally from Port Talbot, (South) Wales, UK. I have lived in London since 2001 (after living in various places). My jobs have included Admin work and Security Guarding, and I've also had some periods of unemployment. I currently do Care Work. I got a degree in Economics from Southampton Uni. in 1996 and an MA in Philosophy from the Open University in 2009. I am married (since 2007) with no kids. I paricipate in some sort of political event about once a week and have been active since summer 2009 in the the Project for a Participatory Society UK and the Green Party. I have propsed a utopian scheme of my own called "Strict Equality". I am also a utilitarian and a vegetarian. When not doing the above, I make and listen to music, watch films and generally have a laugh.

Social Network Links: I have a Youtube Channel here -

Other Political Affiliations: Green Party of England and Wales (http://www.greenparty.org.uk/)

Poll Proposal

(The picture is La Discussion Politique (1889) by Émile Friant, copied from wikimedia commons)  Hi all! I’ve been very much enjoying the recent debates and excellent contributions by all the members here on the plans and decision…

My View Of IOPS

Hi all. I thought I’d write about what I think of IOPS so far and my recommendations for what it should do. I’ve been meaning to write this pretty much since the group started, so after months of intense procrastination, here it…

Strict Equality and Strict Equality vs Parsoc

Here are 2 articles I wrote a few years ago. I've also made some videos about Strict Equality at http://www.youtube.com/user/Kuanslog     Strict Equality INTRODUCTION In this article I will share an idea of mine - an alternative…

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Inactive: Ground-Up Direct Democracy

Nothing stops us from implementing direct democracy without permission of the state.  The fact that the state will ignore the decisions of the people is irrelivant except in the practical way that…