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kapil bajaj

Profile Information
Date Joined: 20th November 2012
Gender: Male
Birthday: 15th September 1974
Chapters: India > Madhya Pradesh > Bhopal

I am a Bhopal-based journalist who has experienced citizen activism and imbibed ideas of democratic reform and progressive social change in the last four years. This period of discovery was preceded by the restlessness and frustration I'd long felt while working for corporate media employers which in India, I now understand, are a lovely example of Herman-Chomsky propaganda model. India is badly in need of democratically-run, progressive media organisations to save whatever is left of our democratic institutions which are being destroyed by the powerful and the privileged. My deepest desire is to be a part of one of such alternative media platforms which will challenge the empire of false propaganda that currently reigns. My desire is also to see people of India moving towards becoming a more educated, critical, introspective, progressive and enlightened society.

Social Network Links: http://kbforyou.blogspot.in/
Other Political Affiliations: I have been an ardent supporter of the anti-corruption movement that swept large parts of India in 2011-12. A faction of the leadership of this movement looks likely to take the form of a political party; I have no hope of anything good coming out of that

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