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kapil bajaj

Profile Information
Date Joined: 20th November 2012
Gender: Male
Birthday: 15th September 1974
Chapters: India > Madhya Pradesh > Bhopal

I am a Bhopal-based freelance journalist.

Social Network Links: http://kbforyou.blogspot.in/
Other Political Affiliations:

Who is Anna Betz?

I draw the attention of all IOPS members to the blog, 'Commons Rising in the Spring', its writer Anna Betz (http://www.iopsociety.org/profile/anna-betz), and the conversation I've had with Anna Betz (http://www.iopsociety.org/blog/commons-rising-in-the-spring).As…

India’s anti-corruption movement 2011-12: hopes belied

  Hi, I have written this piece to explain, in response to a query from an IOPS friend, what went wrong with India’s anti-corruption movement of the last two years and why I have no hopes from a faction of the leadership of the movement…

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a step back - un passo indietro

A step back This project proposes that the reflections on the foundations of our thinking have a place, even occasionally, to compare.For a IOPS society like would be important to propose studies…