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Joona-Hermanni Mäkinen

Profile Information
Date Joined: 14th February 2012
Gender: Male
Birthday: 13th June 1985
Chapters: Finland > Province of Southern Finland > Helsinki

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Designing Parecon Finland

After the decision had been made to start an organization focused in participatory economics in Finland, [1] we began to think of communications strategies for it. What are our goals, both short-term and long-term, and how can we achieve them?…

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Inactive: Skill/Knowledge Sharing Workshops

This project does not appear to be active.  Other, more focused, projects appear to have replaced this one, the purpose of which was to elicit and collect general interest and ability statements,…

Inactive: Preparing Your Community

This project is not active.  Membership did not respond to an inquiry as to interest in continuing.  The project is being listed as inactive in the absence of expression…

Beyond Translation, Beyond Empire

or There is a spectre haunting IOPS - the spectre of Empire As I have begun socializing IOPS with friends and colleagues, one line of criticism is recurrent. It may perhaps best be summed up in this quote…

IOPS Skandinavia

De skandinaviske samfunnene har mange likheter – kultur, historie, antall innbyggere, former for sosiale bevegelser, økonomi, klima, m.m. I tillegg grenser både Sverige, Danmark og…

Website Team

The website team was initiated in 2012 by former website administrator Jason Chrysostomou for maintenance, bug fixing, strategic planning and innovation work on the site. Previous discussions can…