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Thomas Hallbert

Profile Information
Date Joined: 5th September 2012
Gender: Male
Birthday: 3rd March 1952
Chapters: France > Midi-Pyrenees > Castres

Entered into the Anarchist movement in 1972. From 1973 active in swedish anarchist press, writing, translating, editing, printing and distribution. Participated in the International Anarchist Congress in Carrara in 1977. From 1980 also active in Scandinavian Alternative movement. In 1983 published a book co-written with Rolland Vila; Anarki till Vardags (Anarchy in everyday life). Participated in the International Anarchist Conference in Venezia 1984. In 1991 moved to Catalunya, 1994 to Italy and 1995 to France, where I still live. For the moment writing on my memories and other stories.

Social Network Links: https://www.facebook.com/thomas.hallbert
Other Political Affiliations:

Critères pour tenir un congrès fondateur :

  Mes points de vue dans le forum : Interim Goals for Founding Convention Critères pour tenir un congrès fondateur : La diversité est absolument un critère car c'est une valeur fondamentale de la plate-forme…

D’intérim à fondée ?

  a partir d'un discussion dans les forums sur la fondation d'organisation : 10 000 membres: À mon avis, il n'est pas une question de nombre de membres qui peuvent déterminer si une organisation peut être fondée…

Visions De Ma Tête

  Ma vision Non politique et Non-gouvernementales Je suis à la recherche des solutions en temps réel qui : misent en place des structures qui assurent à tous les citoyens à participer au processus décisionnel.…

Visions Out Of My Head

  My Vision: Non-Political/Non-Governmental I am in search of real-time solutions that: establish structures that ensure all citizens to participate in decision-making. Taking active part in the procedure of decisions, as well as being…

A Revolutionary Task As I See It

This is not meant to be a dismissal of the IOPS platform, in contrary I hope this makes a feather for a development of our discussions. I have admitted myself to follow the textual structure in the IOPS “Mission” to make it easier…

Une Tache Révolutionnaire Comme Je Le Vois

Cela ne vise pas à être un rejet de la plate-forme IOPS, au contraire, j'espère que c'est une plume pour un développement de nos discussions. J'ai admis moi-même à suivre la structure textuelle dans les…

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Organizing Michael Albert's talk in France

IOPS members are invited to Michael Albert's talk on Nov 12th at the University of Nanterre/Paris! We are also invited by Francis Feeley to attend the whole conference, not only Michael's talk. Thank…

Self-organised Postgraduate Study (exploration and planning)

I'm interested in getting a group of people together who are willing to commit to collaboratively planning and carrying out a Masters-level course of part-time, online, self-education in social science…