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David Marty

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Date Joined: 14th February 2012
Gender: Male
Birthday: 29th September 1978
Chapters: Spain > Madrid > Madrid

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Encuentro en Londres de IOPS

Estimados miembros de IOPS España, Michael Albert - cofundador de Znet y miembro de IOPS, estará en Londres a finales de octubre. ¡Evento de bienvenida de IOPS Reino Unido e Irlanda! Tenemos el honor de poder confirmar el…

David Marty appearance on The Big Picture with Thom Hartmann (RT television in the US)

Last week I was on RT tv to speak about the protests in Spain. This is a short interview -- and also my first TV -- where I am asked about the Mondragon Industries and the Northern regions. Radio Interview:     TV Interview:

Lanzamiento de IOPS España

Es con orgullo y con cierta emoción que inauguramos esta semana la página web de IOPS para España. IOPS son las siglas de la Organización Internacional para una Sociedad Participativa. Existe desde solamente 5 semanas.…

Talking about IOPS and Spain with Oliver

A chat with David Marty by Oliver Luker Having been made aware of IOPS on the 31 of March, I could immediately see its tremendous potential. I had read and been fascinated by the principles of Parecon a year ago, and had attempted (with limited…

Sharing my private correspondance about Spain and IOPS.

At the request of some of my friends who believed this to be interesting, I shall now make this email public. This was part of a conversation between several folks from the Z(mag) Media Institute where we were sharing impressions about IOPS.…

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If you would like to participate in translating any IOPS related content you're welcome to join this project.

April 2012 Membership Drive - Completed

Although this project is completed, all IOPS members are encouraged to, and no doubt are, continuing to introduce IOPS to their friends and community, asking those interested to read the IOPS Mission…

Beyond Translation, Beyond Empire

or There is a spectre haunting IOPS - the spectre of Empire As I have begun socializing IOPS with friends and colleagues, one line of criticism is recurrent. It may perhaps best be summed up in this quote…


En su día tradujimos mucho material al español, y vale la pena tenerlo a mano: http://zinternational.zcommunications.org/Spanish/indparec.htm

Occupy Theory Explorations

The Occupy Theory PDF Ebook and print versions will be available later…   WELCOME!    If you are interested in joining this project, in a day or so your request will be processed…

Occupy Strategy Explorations

This project will be like the Occupy Theory and Occupy Vision projects - but in this case bearing on the third volume of Fanfare for the Future, Occupy Strategy. As that book is still in process, and…

Michael Albert European IOPS Speaking tour

This November Michael Albert will be travelling to Europe for an IOPS speaking tour. It's a unique chance for IOPS members in Europe to arouse interest for IOPS and at the same time learn how to become…