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David Dominic

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Date Joined: 13th November 2012
Gender: Male
Chapters: England > Greater London > Lewisham

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Ideas for IOPS June 2016

The future of IOPS is being discused a lot at the moment. I've been one of the core organisers of the London chapter (I think this is one of only two active chapters if I'm correct?). It feels like we are going strong in London, so I thought…

Steps to revolution [video]

  My broad thoughts on revolutionary strategy [edited and re-uploaded] The aim is to create an introduction to revolutionary strategy for people who are new to this area.  Feedback welcome. Thanks for all the comments so far. …

Video: 'Liberal' myths about globalization

  Feedback welcome. If anyone is interested in working on anti-capitalist videos with me, give me a shout.    (Also, if people like the video, I invite you to subscribe to my YouTube channel)

UK aid and modern imperialsim

  Thought some people may find this vid interesting. Regards

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IOPS Video Productions

This is a project for anyone wishing to take part in making videos of anything IOPS related. In particular, if you have skills and experience in video production, please consider joining the project.…

Study Group on the Role of a Revolutionary Organization

All, I think it would be useful for us to begin discussing revolutionary theory, and our stradegy on what role IOPS will play, relative to social movements at large. I think it would be useful for a group…

Leftist Youtube channel

I've started a new leftist educational Youtube channel. The first video is called 'Socialism - basics (part 1). Feedback welcome! http://www.youtube.com/user/DavidDominic3 

Anti-UK imperialism blog

I have  ablog called 'Ending UK imperialism and corporate unnaccountability' at Daviddominic.blogspot.com Feedback welcome! 

Globalisation YouTube Video Help

Hi all, I would like some feedback on a YouTube video I have made before making it public. The video critiques a Crash Course video on Globalisation. The first thing I am interested in is whether all…

Decentralize Everything!

Decentralize Everything! is a movement to empower the People by building alternative self-sustainable systems that decentralize everything. The key to empower the People is to decentralize everything.…

Youth Education

This project is for anyone interested in radical youth education.   We could maybe use this space to discuss ideas, keep each other updated and support each other.   Websites of groups already…

Power Beyond Privilege

The IOPS Mission statement begins: IOPS is a revolutionary organization that aims to win a better world, through: flexibly exploring and advocating long term vision building the seeds of the future in…

Radical Media Club

For this project we will choose a monthly media post [a podcast, article, video] that explores themes and issues around strategy and organising. These might be priviledge, leadership, winning victories,…

London Chapter Video Project

This project is a place to start discussing potential video productions IOPS London could create together. As discussed at the 29.07.14 chapter meeting, one format could be interviewing inspiring local…

Deciding the Future of IOPS (completed)

The purpose of this project is to prepare for a poll or polls among the overall membership for deciding on the future of IOPS. It is open to any member who is interested in helping out with this. As anyone…

Reimagining IOPS – The Project (completed)

The aim of this project is to prepare one or more proposals for changes to IOPS that can be voted on by the membership against the alternative, default proposal to disband. When these proposals are sufficiently…