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Daniël de Klerk

Profile Information
Date Joined: 9th February 2014
Gender: Transgender
Birthday: 13th November 1991
Chapters: Netherlands > North Holland > Zuiderwoude

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Some thoughts on the anti-racism struggle and white privilege

Starting last year an issue that was rarely discussed at this level was brought into the public. Black Pete, the servant of Saint Nicolas with a less than politically correct appearance accompanies him during the Saint Nicolas or Sinterklaas…

Propaganda en activisme

English version below   De afgelopen demonstratie tegen de Israelische bezetting van Palestijnse gebieden en de onderdrukken van Palestijnen in het land waar zij leven liet weer eens goed zien hoe de algemene media opereert ten gunste…

A proposed model for participatory decision making within IOPS

In the last live talk we discussed the topic of how to approach organizing with decision making on the basis of participation in process. There the concern was raised how the current mode of operation somewhat detracts from participation because…

Marketing and Willful Ignorance

The video should be self-explanatory  

Just get a job (rant)

*Rant inbound*   There are many issues in the world that require serious attention. Whether it be racism, sexism, classism or the unfortunately near perpetual poverty. Something that exists as result of so many different things and is…

Het dogma van het neoliberalisme en de rechtse politiek

Sinds zijn ontstaan is het concept van de ‘kleine overheid’ een hooft speerpunt van het liberalisme. Minder belasting, minder regulatie, minder steun met daar tegenover meer vrijheid in koopkracht, vrijheid voor ondernemers en meer…


  I thought this lecture would be an interresting thing to share. Say about RBE or the ZGM what you want, I see some elements (participatory planning and distrubution according to need) of Parecon in it. On the other hand this sounds more…

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Live Talks

Want to organize an online talk? Have an idea for a great topic to discuss? Please help get regular Live Talks up and running. We need participants to help discuss and decide topics for discussion.…

Improving the Joining Process (completed)

The recently published IOPS Non-Member Survey Report ended with four conclusions, two of which were: ● We need to be more explicit how prospective members will be able to contribute concretely towards…