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Dan Green

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Date Joined: 20th December 2014
Gender: Male
Birthday: 26th April 2014
Chapters: United States > Texas > Dallas County

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IOPS Reading Group over Skype

A reading and discussion group is a stategy for exploring a subject to greater depth, helping to understand the material and communicate that understanding effectively.  With a book as the touchstone,…

Website Team

The website team was initiated in 2012 by former website administrator Jason Chrysostomou for maintenance, bug fixing, strategic planning and innovation work on the site. Previous discussions can…

Parecon Software Design & Devel.

Perhaps the limiting factor for adoption of our system is the lack of software. If this is the case, then we should develop a working software implementation of Parecon that is usable for at least a few…

Creating New IOPS Forums

I feel like the forums here aren't very good or conducive to much conversation, they're not very attractive and they're hard to find. These things all together I think may stifle potential members who…

Developing an IOPS wiki

I propose that we build a new “wiki” website for IOPS. You can join this project if you would like to be involved in doing that. Wikis (eg. Wikipedia) are very flexible content management…