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Antonio Carty

Profile Information
Date Joined: 29th March 2012
Gender: Male
Birthday: 18th March 1971
Chapters: Ireland > County Dublin > Goatstown

Hello, I am an artist. I have exhibited paintings, photo art, murals & comic art. I have made a few short films. I live in Ireland, Dublin & since may 2011 I have set up a studio in Leitrim Village & I am using its modern cave like walls & my computer to conjour & create large mixed media art thats expressing the world tru' how I feel & believe. This May 2013 my 6 page political graphic comic story Alexander the Great Cyclist was published in a compendium of Irish cartoonists called Courageous Mayhem. All this work can be seen currently on Flickr, link below. As Fidel Castro, Hugo Chavez & I imagine many others believe A Better World Is Possible & coming. I hope to connect with others here & tru' my art & efforts make it grow, develop & happen! Antonio Carty, May 2013

Social Network Links: http://www.flickr.com/photos/antoniocarty/collections/
Other Political Affiliations:

Flyer For Dublin Anarchist Book Fair Saturday 12th April

  Hi everyone, I'm sorry I cant make it to Dublin this wednesday or for saturdays fair. I'm more than broke & I dont really have the time. I know you must all be busy and constrained by money and your time as well.   But I have…

More thoughts on an IOPSociety and the workplace.

Empowering & Onerous Jobs.   What is Empowering? What is Onerous?   Empowerment is subjective, a matter of taste and opinion, but externally it probably can be felt and had by good wages and a real ownership of your workplaces…

My thoughts on IOPS vision for work and re numeration

      Protecting societies core.   I have always thought that education, health and (at least in its essential and adequate provision) food & housing are common needs and society should run them best collectively, pooling…

Reflections on my experiences of low paid work

My experiences of low paid work.   I am an artist but I have also worked various extra jobs. From the age of 30 to 38 I worked a basically boring low paid job where I was a security guard, stationed mainly in a large computer software…

Consciousness Pilots Our Evolution!

Consciousness Pilots Our Evolution!   For Better Or Worse!   I was drawn in my spare time over last couple of weeks to re immersing myself in the stories of Cuba's faithful revolution (Still besieged) & Venezuela's building of…

Capitalism's Fighting Magpies

This is a Magnetised Artwork I created & I now dedicate it to Hugo Chavez, the people of Venezuela& all people who do not enjoy or wish to let bullies have our world & its spirit.     I will keep & try to grow how…

The Nativity 2012

Hello Everyone!    I created this picture with charcoal & inks. It is a smaller version of a large cave wall sized original I painted earlier called "All The King's Horses..."    The child in it is from news photos as…

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April 2012 Membership Drive - Completed

Although this project is completed, all IOPS members are encouraged to, and no doubt are, continuing to introduce IOPS to their friends and community, asking those interested to read the IOPS Mission…

Socialism, selfgovernment and selfmanagement

This project would to join most peoples to exchange materials, studies, opinion on the argument of self-government and self-management in world today and in the history yesterday, not only in a marxist…