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Alaa Radwan

Profile Information
Date Joined: 20th October 2012
Gender: Female
Birthday: 13th October 1992
Chapters: Palestinian Territory > Gaza Strip > Jabalya

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What is it like to be in Gaza?

What is it like to be in Gaza?    I used to feel so unfortunate to be here in Gaza. I still do.    While I was writing this piece, I went to other websites to check if it’s been 30 or 32 days since the Israeli assault…

Can You Help Me Publish My Own Book Online?

Hello Folks, It's been long time since the last time I posted a blog on IOPS. I'd like to introduce myself, in case you forgot about me :p I am Alaa Radwan, 20 years old. I am an English Literature student at university in Palestine, Gaza.…

We, Gazans, Are NOT Numbers But Human Beings!!!

Hello,         It is 8:57 PM right now. Airstrikes are still heard every now and then. However, there is unconfirmed news about cease fire deal. I really hope it succeeds. What happened till now is TOO ENOUGH.   …

People, Find Your Humanity! I Can't Sleep Anymore...

No Hello this time,   Sorry but this time I will be cruel in my judgments and harsh in my criticism of others.   Let's start by the setting:  It is now 3:50 AM in Gaza. I am no longer at HOME! I left home two days ago due to…

Let pictures of Gaza martyrs and injuries speak a million words

Hello,   Those who concern about the Palestinian-Israei confict are, I guess, aware of what is happening in Gaza nowadays. I will post some picture with a brief comment below each one  One of Haneen Tafish's relaives bid last farewell…

Gaza, my city, Fears Another Horrible War

Hello people,   As a Palestinian and a Gazan in particular, I would like to tell you a short story. A real one; not to entertain you nor to make you sleep fast! This short story, I am writing while attacks are near my house, is to…

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Translating IOPS

A project to take the ideas of IOPS, chew them over and make them more accessible and pertinent for people that we would like to join or just like :)   So - We like IOPS, we think it is important…

Self-organised Postgraduate Study (exploration and planning)

I'm interested in getting a group of people together who are willing to commit to collaboratively planning and carrying out a Masters-level course of part-time, online, self-education in social science…