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Aaron Miller

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Date Joined: 3rd July 2012
Gender: Male
Chapters: United States > California > Santa Barbara

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IOPS Summer (California)

California IOPS Members, I believe that we need to start moving this organization off of the internet and into the world of human bodies.  In other words we need to meet each other. The first step…

Website Team

The website team was initiated in 2012 by former website administrator Jason Chrysostomou for maintenance, bug fixing, strategic planning and innovation work on the site. Previous discussions can…

Occupy Vision Explorations

Occupy Vision PDF Ebook and print versions will be available later…   WELCOME!    If you are interested in joining this project, in a day or so your request will be processed and…

Occupy Strategy Explorations

This project will be like the Occupy Theory and Occupy Vision projects - but in this case bearing on the third volume of Fanfare for the Future, Occupy Strategy. As that book is still in process, and…

Parecon Software Design & Devel.

Perhaps the limiting factor for adoption of our system is the lack of software. If this is the case, then we should develop a working software implementation of Parecon that is usable for at least a few…

Decentralize Everything!

Decentralize Everything! is a movement to empower the People by building alternative self-sustainable systems that decentralize everything. The key to empower the People is to decentralize everything.…