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Poll on Proposals for a makeover of IOPS

Closed start: 1 September 2016 end: 30 September 2016 by: Lambert Meertens 53 comments:

The purpose of this poll is for the membership to decide on possible alternatives to disbanding. The intention to hold such a poll was announced in the IOPS members survey on the future of IOPS that was conducted earlier this year during April and May.

A blog on these proposals was posted on the IOPS website on 10th August 2016.

The poll below presents only the bare proposals. For further detail or explanation, I refer to the complete document Proposals for the IOPS September 2016 poll. Please consult it if the proposals below are not sufficiently clear.

The poll will remain open during the full month of September 2016. The outcome will be taken as a set of binding decisions for IOPS as a whole, where a proposal will be considered accepted if the number of “For” votes exceeds the number of “Against” votes.

Whether a member feels continuing with IOPS is the most sensible choice may depend on the outcome of this poll, so, strictly speaking, there should be a follow-up poll on the question, Continue or disband? But, hopefully, the question can already be settled now. To this end, the poll includes a final question (not a proposal) with three options, asking the members whether they feel confident we can continue with IOPS. The three options are basically “Yes”, “No”, and “It depends” (on the outcome of the poll). If “Yes” gets more than half the votes, we’ll skip the follow-up poll. If “No” gets more than half the votes, it is game over: we’ll proceed to disband IOPS, close the website, and seek a suitable destination for what little money is left. If neither of these two options gets sufficient votes, we’ll hold a follow-up poll in which the membership can vote on whether to continue or disband.

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