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People, Find Your Humanity! I Can't Sleep Anymore...

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No Hello this time,


Sorry but this time I will be cruel in my judgments and harsh in my criticism of others.


Let's start by the setting: 

It is now 3:50 AM in Gaza. I am no longer at HOME! I left home two days ago due to massive air-strikes hit areas too close to my house. I am now in my grandfather's house, 5 minutes by car far away from my house. So it is NOT safe. I KNOW! I had no choice since Gaza is the largest open-air prison all over the world. I can not dare to think to travel abroad! NO WAY!


Let's come now to " my family" issue:

I have one sister and four brothers. My parents are alive, so far at least. My elder brother who is now doing his MA abroad has two sons whom I mentioned in my first blog. And there is of course my elder borther's wife, my sister-in-law. My only sister is married so she lives far away from us. This was how we used to be in our daily life. But NOW everything is different. It is the worst EVER! The family is seperated. Scattered.

My three brothers and I, as I told you above, left our house to a safer place, we thought. Tonight and only tonight we realized how wrong we were! There is no a single safe place in the Gaza Strip.

Back to the family thingy. My parents refused to leave home and they forced the four of us to leave the house fearful of something worse might happen to us. Before we left home, my sister-in-law and her two kids left home to her parents' house in Rafah, southern Gaza. The one family is scattered. We call each others every now and then exchanging the same questions: " How is the situation near you?", " Is it that dangerous?", " Are the air-strikes by the Israeli warplanes close to you?". And the answers would be: " We are still ALIVE.", " The air-strikes close\ far to\from us.", " Take care of yourselves."

Now it is time to tell you what is happening the very moment I write these words:

As I said, I am now in Northern Gaza in Jabalia camp near Kamal Adwan hospital. 4 hours ago I went to steal one-hour-sleep. I only slept an hour.  Only one. A spate of attacks (air-strikes) hit Jabalia, not so far away from where we settle now. A couple of minutes later, we heard a rocket falling on a house near us. This rocket fell to threaten people inside the house to get out RIGHT NOW from it.

Pause! I stopped writing when one of the kids. 5-years old, wake up my aunt to tell her that we MUST escape as others did. My aunt replied by saying :" It is safe here; there is no need to leave our house." She hugged him and he threw himself into her arms trying to sleep, thinking it is a safe place!

Back to the previous situation which occured an hour ago, we heard in news that this house is about to be hit by an F16 rockets. As neighboring houses, we should take all needed precautions in a very short time. In nearly 7 or 10 minutes if we were so lucky. My aunt wake up all of us to get ready to the attack so we will not wake up so frightened, she thought. We wake up. The F16 warplane hit the house of Abu-Foul family. We all got afraid of the sound, the scary sound. Unbearable!!!  Two children (brother and sister) killed in the airstrike that hit the house and 14 civilian injuries reported. 

We were watching, sleepless, what is going on out there. Oh, I forgot to tell you that the house was shaking when that house has been hit and some windows smashed. We were longing to sleep only a few house after spending 4 sleepless days! However, everyone was not so courageous to dare to go back to beds. We preferred to remain sleepless to get scary waking up upon another huge explosion. There is no much difference in both cases though! 

At the same time, something bad happen in another area. Israel purposefully targeted a building used for media offices and journalists by two missiles! Then, media crews were appealing ambulances to evacuate enjuries at Shawa and Hosari Tower where many of media offices are. one of the Journalist, Khader Al-Zahhar, due to the direct attack by Israel lost his leg. 



Now I have to stop writing for now. I'll continue later. Sorry for all the language mistakes you might go through while reading this for I literally can't open my eyes :((((


Pray for us

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  • John Keeley 18th Nov 2012

    Israel needs to be treated with the same disdain shown to aparthied South Africa.

    All the veteran anti-aparthied campaigners are needed again to generate the same level of international isolation to bring Israelis to their senses.

    Egyptians can start by ensuring the Egyptian leadership puts pressure on all Arab states to boycott Israel.

    • Alaa Radwan 18th Nov 2012

      :(((( No one did anything! EU countries can end this but they didn't want to.

  • Joan Jones 18th Nov 2012

    Love and solidarity to you and your family from Oxford, UK. The news that we get about Palestine here is so biased - thank you for writing the kind of first hand account we need so that people can understand what is really happening.

    • Alaa Radwan 18th Nov 2012

      Yes, I know that media in the west is very biased to the Israeli side that's why I try to convey the true image of the Israeli aggression!

  • Dave Jones 18th Nov 2012

    This conflict is an insanely circular nightmare. Maybe later, Alaa, you can tell us what your vision for a lasting peace with justice is. Till then, be safe.

    • Alaa Radwan 18th Nov 2012

      It is a real horrible nightmare :(((( When will it end? tell me people. Now I am waiting for a neighboring house to be hit by an air-strike. Where are we supposed to escape since all areas in the Gaza Strip are targetted!!!

  • John Keeley 18th Nov 2012

    If OPEC threatened to price oil in something other than dollars, then the US might bring Israel to heel.
    That requires the people in Saudi & the Gulf states to put pressure on their governments.
    It's all linked in with US imperialism.

  • Rod 18th Nov 2012

    Hi Alaa, hope you're doing reasonably well considering your situation. Can't imagine what you and your family must be going through. I hope there'll be a ceasefire soon.

    As usual, the EU (where I live) is doing little or nothing to help the situation of Palestinians and is putting all blame on Hamas.

    Stay strong and keep us posted!

    • Alaa Radwan 19th Nov 2012

      Dear Roderick,

      Thanks for your powerful words. I also wonder what those countries are waiting for to end this terrible nightmare?!!!! They want us to be murdered or what?? Hope things will go well very soon. Free Gaza