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Let pictures of Gaza martyrs and injuries speak a million words

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Those who concern about the Palestinian-Israei confict are, I guess, aware of what is happening in Gaza nowadays.

I will post some picture with a brief comment below each one 

One of Haneen Tafish's relaives bid last farewell to her. Haneen Tafish is a 11-month-old baby who was killed two days ago by Israel Defence forces, as they caled it. Yet I would call it " Israel terrorism forces". It is an appropriate title for them, isn't it? 



A girl got injured by one of the air-strikes hit an area in the Gaza Strip near her house. She is so frightened!


Haneen Tafish's father is crying over the loss of his beloved baby. She is the same baby in the first picture


Another baby, only a few months old, also got injured by one of the air-strikes hit Gaza


This baby got injured by Israreli air-strikes before he drank his milk in the morning :(


Home of Solaiman Abu Salah was targeted by airstrike in Jabalia Refugee Camp. The airstrike caused severe damages to all surrounding houses which increased casualties. Tens of injured people keep arriving in Kamal Adwan Hospital and our paramedics and civil defense are trying to collect women and children from under the rubble.


A young paramedic wounded in an air-strike while trying to rescue injuries of other strikes!!


Israeli warplanes hit and destroyed office building of Hamas Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh in Gaza City November 17, 2012.


Another baby, Line Ghabour, wounded by an air-strike hit near hr house. 

The list in endless! I can not post all the photos for they are too many!! But finally, here is a video of a 3-year-baby was killed three years ago by Israel. She is dying literally!! Only adults can see this video. 



That's all for now. 

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  • David Jones 17th Nov 2012

    Hi Alaa, glad to hear you are safe (for now at least...)

    I think the pictures are so important, particularity for those of us living in "the west", to see the victims humanised - "our" media typically only humanises the "worthy victims" (as John Pilger calls them...) whilst "unworthy victims" remain as nameless and faceless statistics. Whereas blogs like yours help us to see what these conflicts actually mean for the people living there.

    • Alaa Radwan 17th Nov 2012

      Hi David,

      you are right. Pictures are much powerful than words. I agree with you that people like us in a war should write about their own personal experiences, especially those which clarify people's humanity.

  • martin faherty 17th Nov 2012

    Hi Alaa, thank you for sharing these utterly heartbreaking images. It is only through educating people as to the awful reality of Israel's colonial chokehold and vicious assaults on the Palestinian people that governments can be made to relent in their support for the Israeli state.

    Despite our western governments and media continuing to blame the Palestinian victims there have been and will continue to be actions in many towns and cities throughout the West against Israeli state terrorism. I and many other Palestine Solidarity campaigners were on the streets today marching, distributing information, picketing and disrupting Israeli businesses, we will continue to do so. Our thoughts and concerns are with you.

    • Alaa Radwan 17th Nov 2012

      We, Gazans, really appreciate your support. Sorry for my short replies because I try to make us of every single minute in documenting what is happening.

  • martin faherty 17th Nov 2012

    I would recommend that all reading this go to Alaa's facebook page where she is posting updates when she can, in order to get a sense of the sheer hell that Gazans are going through during this time.

    • Alaa Radwan 17th Nov 2012

      I wish everyone could create a facebook account to be in touch with us. At this very moment, I hear massive explosions. My heart is bleeding. Oh God save us.

      This is my Facebook page's link