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I need help in transferring money from Paypal to anywhere

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Hi friends, How are you? Hope you are all going well. I once worked for a client on Odesk website as a translater. I did the job just perfect and got the moeny. I transferred the money to my paypal account which I created recently. The problem is that we in Gaza don't have such payment methods. It is almost impossible to use visa, master cards, or credit card. I cannot fill the spaces where I am told to add a card because simply I don't have one. Can anybody help me in this? Maybe I can send the money to someone and then he can send them back to me in another possible way for me. Thanks a lot.

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  • Alaa Radwan 12th Jan 2014

    Thanks God. The problem is solved. I could send the money to my uncle's paypal account with no need for a credit card or anything by asking him to request the amount of money, and I verified the payment. Many thanks goes to Mr.lambert meertens for his readiness to help me by all means. Thanks IOPS

  • Lambert Meertens 23rd Oct 2016

    From the 2016 SumOfUs petition PayPal: Stop discriminating against Palestinians:

    PayPal does business in 203 countries around the world and is the default method of online payment for millions. But it won’t serve Palestinians in Gaza and the occupied West Bank -- even though it has no problem providing Israelis living in illegal settlements with the same service.

    This shocking discrimination is crippling the burgeoning Palestinian tech sector, and without PayPal, Palestinian tech companies are at a distinct disadvantage.

    Contrary to UN guidelines, PayPal operates in illegal Israeli settlements, thereby serving Israeli settlers but not the Palestinians they live among. PayPal, make your service available to all the people of Israel/Palestine.