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Can You Help Me Publish My Own Book Online?

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Hello Folks, It's been long time since the last time I posted a blog on IOPS. I'd like to introduce myself, in case you forgot about me :p I am Alaa Radwan, 20 years old. I am an English Literature student at university in Palestine, Gaza. I have a creative idea for writing an ebook online but the problem is that I don't have a Bank account or any internet payment method. It is not possible in Gaza where I live, I assume. I need you help :( please those who know how to solve such problms, can you make it work out? By the way, the title book is " 200 pages o fully understand women". Interesting? Thanks :)

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  • Lambert Meertens 3rd Jul 2013

    Hi Alaa,

    Can you be more specific what you need to make payments for? Is it a domain and website for the ebook?

  • Alaa Radwan 3rd Jul 2013

    Hi Lambert,

    When i created an acconut on Amazon and wanted to publish my ebook on kindle, they requested a bank account that's because you need to put a list price for the book. So you can earn some money. Got it?

  • Sean Michael Wilson 4th Jul 2013

    Alaa - people in Gaza are not allowed to open a Bank account?

    • Alaa Radwan 4th Jul 2013

      Of course not, Sean. I am talking about myself. Many internet methods are not allowed in Gaza such as Paypal.

  • Sean Michael Wilson 4th Jul 2013

    Alaa - is it possible for you to send me the book as a pdf? I may know a group that could help you put this out to the world.

  • Lambert Meertens 9th Jul 2013

    Alaa, I wouldn't mind if you use my Paypal account, but I wouldn't know how to get the money to you. Probably I could also open a new account in your name.

    • Alaa Radwan 11th Jul 2013

      Thanks a lot dear Lambert for offering your help but seems I am going to edit some aspects of the book. So it is not ready yet. I'll let you know if I need anything :)