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Michael Albert European IOPS Speaking tour

Project Information
Created on: 22nd July 2012

This November Michael Albert will be travelling to Europe for an IOPS speaking tour. It's a unique chance for IOPS members in Europe to arouse interest for IOPS and at the same time learn how to become better organizers!

Perhaps some of the chapters even will have the capacity to organize the first internal nationawide face-to-face meetings in concurrence with the external event? And perhaps some chapters will be able to utilize the momentum to organize follow-up events – perhaps local study groups, presentations, conferences or actions? We have a lot of possibilites! And in this project we can start thinking about making those possibilites into realities.

Consult the different things that need to be sorted out – like aims, promotion, cooperation, finances, and logistics – below (some of these categories are just placeholders for now, but will be filled with content the next couple of days). Already there are organizers from more than ten countries who've expressed interest in hosting an event! If you're interested in making a stop a reality in your country or town, and are willing to put some work into making it happen, express your interest in the "A speaking tour stop in your town?" below.

Let's popularize our ideas!

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