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The Gap | Cut Here

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Last year, the poorest half of the world became 11% poorer, while billionaires' fortunes rose 12% - or $2.5 billion every day. +++ 

The gap between the richest and poorest people is growing. While people at the top get influence, opportunities and power, the poorest people miss out on the basics they need - like schools, jobs and healthcare. But when governments choose to listen to the poorest people, make tax fairer, and invest in public services, the gap can shrink - and the number of people in poverty can drop.

These levels of inequality and poverty are a choice. We can continue to choose to reward those who are already rich, or we can choose to fight inequality and end poverty. We can ensure that the richest people and corporations pay their fair share of tax, and use those valuable resources to fund public services for everyone.

We could free millions of people from a life of poverty. Free them from fear of the cost of falling sick. Allow every child to fulfil their potential and use their talents. This could be a massive step towards equality between women and men, and create safer, more equal and happier societies for our children and grandchildren.

We need: 
>> The richest companies and individuals to pay their fair share of tax
>> Free public services, like schools and hospitals, for everyone
>> Decent work, living wages and an end to the gender pay gap


The choice is ours.

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