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Six, No, TEN, More For Your Tired Little Eyes!

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Six, no, TEN, more visions from the NSP competition, if, to echo Peter's sentiments, anyone can be bothered. And sureley they can be, or you can be or someone...I haven't been bothered to read the little buggers...I mean who IS reading all this stuff and who's analysing it all...my mum and sisters certainly aren't, nor my wife and daughters...nor my friggin' boss/friend or anyone else I may know...like musos of various sorts...It's all boring as batshit and American anyway so it probably doesn't apply down here. I wasn't gonna post this stuff this time but...

Here       it       all          is       anyway.

Go here...http://www.thenextsystem.org/announcing-the-winners-in-our-essay-competition/?mc_cid=70c8d12e5e&mc_eid=862269f537

Or here...http://www.thenextsystem.org/wp-content/uploads/2017/04/Sharma_UndergraduateFirst.pdf





and here...http://www.thenextsystem.org/wp-content/uploads/2017/04/Dauncey_AtLargeSecond.pdf


Bloody hell I forgot these four buggers that arrived a week earlier than the competition winners. Friggin' forgot them. I mean really.... Aren't you lucky I remembered. Probably read them all already, huh? Your all such an  enthusiastic bunch. The third one is just terrific because it outlines a joyful economy...go to it people!





But it may be more fun listening to this little morsel of ear splitting rubbish...ah yes, the electric universe VS the BIG BANG! Sink your ears into this aural plasma.


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