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Report from Birmingham IOPS meeting - Thursday 11th January

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We discussed our involvement in local campaigns - the save the NHS campaign in Walsall and the campaign against Council service cuts in Birmingham. We have been participating in these campaigns and also raising IOPS ideas within them. One member had given a talk at the Trades Council in Walsall, which was well received. We agreed it would be good to have a leaflet about IOPS to hand out at such events.

We also discussed our proposal to host a national IOPS meeting in Birmingham in the spring. We agreed Saturday 6th April as a provisional date. Ideally every chapter in the UK will send delegates, with female delegates getting priority if chapters can only afford to send one. Potential topics for discussion include the Founding Convention, political discussions and local caucuses. We will ask people to send us other ideas for the agenda.


  • Look into possible venues for the national meeting - Tom

  • Create a national meeting event on the IOPS site - Mark

  • Speak to Preeti about ordering copies of Fanfare for the Future - Stephen

  • Look into producing an extended leaflet about IOPS to hand out at events - Tom

  • Next chapter meeting: Tuesday 5th February, 7pm

Discussion 9 Comments

  • Jon Doe 15th Jan 2013

    This looks great! keep up the good work. Folks in NY-iops recently created an artistic 16 pg B&W booklet with all the mission, vision, values, goals info for IOPS, I can message it to you if you are interested in it for your extended leaflet to hand out at events.

  • Jason Chrysostomou 16th Jan 2013

    I like the idea of having an informal national gathering and would be great if you could host one in Birmingham. I'd hope to add my IOPS England constitutional proposal as a discussion point to the agenda.
    I'm not sure about asking for delegates at this stage though because it would rely on there being more development at the local level first, so delegates would be able to express views informed by face to face discussion of the agenda items within their sending local chapter.

    • Mark Evans 17th Jan 2013

      strictly speaking you are right - not delegates exactly - but we would like to see members from all the UK based on-line chapters attend the gathering.

    • Jason Chrysostomou 17th Jan 2013

      Sure, sounds good. Were you thinking England or UK gathering?

  • Mark Evans 17th Jan 2013

    we thought uk - ???

    • Jason Chrysostomou 17th Jan 2013

      I don't really mind. I'd probably favour just an England gathering since that's how we initially thought to have the IOPS geographical groupings, but doesn't have to be, I guess.

  • Mark Evans 18th Jan 2013

    I have created a national gathering event on the site - please let me know if you want me to make any changes.

  • Preeti Kaur 27th Jan 2013

    Very inspired to hear about all your involvement in local campaigns - the save the NHS campaign in Walsall and the campaign against Council service cuts in Birmingham. And, that you've all been raising IOPS ideas within these campaigns - that's super! I'd love to read more about this in particular, if any of you have time to report back. I think people believe in the ideas of a project / organisation only when they see an actual commitment by the proponents of the project / organisation to participating in - and giving commitment to - local struggles effecting peoples' lives today.

    I think those in London could definitely learn from this and that IOPS Greater London meetings would be productive if they required members to report back on the activism, campaigning, education, consciousness and awareness raising they've been doing in relation to the commitments and ideas that make up IOPS, and particularly how they've been doing this in grassroots struggles. Of course, there are lots of other things to discuss too but this is a pretty fundamental one! Different people will be focusing on different local struggles and these report backs could be inspiring as well as a place in which to share what has worked and what hasn't (including in relation to how we have been popularising IOPS ideas within these struggles) and how we can learn from each other...and perhaps even organize (to the extent possible) to support each other's work!