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Evil Russians!! +++ Is Russia Solely to Blame for Violations of the INF Treaty?
+++ THE NEW YORK TIMES SAYS SO! +++ MIT professor emeritus Theodore A. Postol sez* there's mo* to the sto*. +++ 

^^ The deckhouse of the Aegis Ashore Missile Defense System (AAMDS) at Deveselu air base, Romania, May 12, 2016 ^^


For its part, Russia points to the American deployment of Aegis missile defense installations in eastern Europe as potential treaty violations. The Times asserts that Moscow's fear that the Aegis systems "could be used to launch offensive intermediate-range missiles," in violation of the INF, is disputed by "most independent experts."


The United States has deployed one land-based "Aegis Ashore" missile-defense system in Romania and is in the process of deploying another in Poland. The initial installation in Romania has 24 missile-carrying canisters in three prefabricated eight-canister modules, but could quickly be expanded to well over a hundred, or possibly even hundreds, of missile launchers by simply adding prefabricated eight-canister modules. These installations simply take all of the standardized components that would normally be part of an Aegis-armed ship and install them in ground locations. The military alleges that the Aegis system does not violate the INF, because the system lacks "the software, fire control hardware, support equipment, and other infrastructure" needed to launch offensive cruise missiles — but the modifications needed to make the system cruise-missile-ready are relatively simple and could be easily accomplished. Such cruise missiles would have characteristics rather close to those of the Russian SSC-8s.

The Russians have rightly raised questions about the possibility that the Aegis Ashore system could constitute a preparatory violation of the INF Treaty. Russian concerns are further supported by the fact that the Aegis radar is not up to the job of identifying attacking long-range ballistic missiles at long enough ranges to allow enough time for missile-defense interceptors to reach intercept points. It therefore appears — from a technical point of view — that the Aegis ashore system has little or no true missile-defense capabilities against long-range missiles.

Indeed, the Department of Defense has published unclassified studies that raise questions about the Aegis system's capability to engage long-range missiles, because of its highly inadequate radar. The Aegis Ashore system contains all of the unmodified components of the Aegis system that, as configured for missile defense, could also launch cruise missiles with simple modifications. // If Russia deployed such systems on its borders with Europe, there is absolutely no doubt that the United States would raise questions about such actions.

Full Article: The Nation


:: Definition of aegis  :: 1 : a shield or breastplate emblematic of majesty that was associated with Zeus and Athena :: 2a : protection :: b : controlling or conditioning, influence :: 3a : auspices, sponsorship :: b : control or guidance especially by an individual, group, or system // Under the aegis of the NATO

:: Roots :: We borrowed "aegis" from Latin, but the word ultimately derives from the Greek noun aigis, which means goatskin*. In ancient Greek mythology, an aegis was something that offered physical protection. In some stories, it was the thundercloud where Zeus kept the thunderbolts he used as weapons. In others, the aegis was a magical protective cloak made from the skin of the goat that had suckled Zeus as an infant. The word first entered English in the 15th century as a noun meaning "shield" or "protection," and by the 20th century it had acquired the extended senses of "auspices" or "sponsorship." 

:: Examples of aegis in a Sentence :: "Having no claim to the land under the aegis of the law of the nations, the robber baron decided to claim it by force."



Ivanna Klympush-Tsintsadze, Ukraine's deputy prime minister for E.U. and NATO integration:

- "Russia only understands the language of power and unity."

- "Russia's end target is not Ukraine, it is the West."


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