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IOPS London Report: Robin Hahnel Events

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Earlier in September, IOPS London hosted two events with guest speaker Robin Hahnel. Robin Hahnel is an economist at Portland State University and long time activist. He has written numerous books on political economy, traveled extensively advising on economic matters all over the world and is best known for his work on participatory economics with ZNet editor Michael Albert.

We held both events at a newly opened progressive left cafe/social centre called Firebox near Kings Cross.



The first talk was titled: Confronting the Ecological Crisis. Robin spoke about the root causes of the ecological crisis, how they also related to the financial crisis, and presented a solution which he calls a ‘Green New Deal’.



On the second night, the talk was on Participatory Economics, which is a model for an economy proposed as an alternative to free market capitalism and authoritarian planning. Robin focussed on the democratic cooperative planning aspect of the model which enables self-managed consumer and worker councils, in nested federations, to make  a series of self-activity proposals based on receiving updated information, which leads to a feasible and efficient plan for the whole economy. The talk was recorded by Occupy London (I’m afraid the Audio quality of the recording is not very good.) The talk starts 10 mins into the video, so please skip ahead:

Video streaming by Ustream

IOPS London Members prepared IOPS Flyers, IOPS bookmarks and printed out the ‘IOS open invitation letter’ signed by ICC members including Chomsky, Pilger, Shiva and others,  which we handed out to  everyone at the events. We had a mailing list which we passed round and collected contact details. We also had a book stall where we were selling Robin Hahnels books and others relevant to participatory society.






Robin Hahnel also has a new book coming out called: ‘Of the people, By the people: a case for a Participatory Economy’. You can order the book online from AK Press here.

Each talk was followed by an IOPS London Social Event at a nearby pub, where we mingled, spoke about IOPS and got to know other IOPS London members better.





We also organised a few interviews for Robin Hahnel. Here is an interview with Occupy London Radio. The first part of the interview is on Participatory Economics:


Audio Interview with Robin Hahnel on Occupy London Radio

I though the events went very well. As well as being an important outreach activity for IOPS, It brought those of us involved with IOPS London closer together. If anyone attended the talk has any further feedback, please could they post their comments below the blog.


Discussion 10 Comments

  • Jon Doe 26th Oct 2012

    This is really great! We need to have events like this in every city (and at least a couple small towns)! Can you upload pdfs of the bookmarks and pamphlets? They look really slick.

    • Maryellen Kurkulos 3rd Nov 2012

      I'm seconding this request - I know there's an IOPS flyer and trifold online (under resources) but these look very compelling as well.

    • Preeti Kaur 13th Nov 2012

      I would like to third this! It seems that the A5 flyer is in the resources section. And, a different trifold flyer, but the bookmarks etc. don't seem to be. Perhaps I am missing this! Apologies if I am.

  • Kim Keyser 28th Oct 2012

    Thanks a lot for the report. Very professional with all the pictures, and the video, too. :)

  • Haroon Bajwa 2nd Nov 2012

    Thanks, Jason. I really enjoyed the talk by Hahnel. I really like his easy to understand way of explaining Parecon. I also enjoyed listening to his responses to some very thoughtful questions from the audience.

    What you did in terms of promotion and exposure here, is the kind of stuff we all need to be doing in our Chapters.

    I can only hope that people in Occupy join IOPS.

  • Preeti Kaur 13th Nov 2012

    Thanks for this Jason. I was not at the events but this provided a wonderful summary!

  • Jason Chrysostomou 15th Nov 2012

    The file size of the bookmarks and flyers were too big to upload.

    If you want, please get in touch with me, and I can send you them.

  • Sarah Owens 21st Nov 2012

    I watched a lot of Hahnel videos on parecon, but haven't reviewed this one, or the radio spot, so if the answer to my question is there, you can just tell me to go review what's posted. BUT, if it's not, I'd like to know, were you able to discern Hahnel's attitude toward IOPS, his reason for not joining, and where he and Michael Albert differ, if at all?

  • Jason Chrysostomou 22nd Nov 2012

    Actually, the second part of the occupy radio interview was all about IOPS, but unfortunately something went wrong with the audio file and it wasn't usable. Robin is very positive about IOPS, though, and he intends to get involved, but that's all I know, I'm afraid.