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Fair well Sir Senate John Mccain you will always be in our hearts

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Today when i received the sad news about our loss as American people and the global communities , about the passing of Sir Senate John Mccain i lost taste in my food, air which i breath felt like it was poluted the water i had i was bitter i cried in my corner alone because i knew the global community of global defence force lost a hero a man who survived everything u can imagine Rest in Peace Sir Senate John Mccain 1936-2018. Since Sir Senate Mccain had potetial to be the next President its means since we lost our corner stone Presdent Trump will be President again for second term as we look for the best of the best to lead the United States of America after President Trump serves

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  • Dion Falange 26th Aug 2018

    This will be a sad week for the American people and the global communities already its a sad day I wonder how will my birthday be this year, Sir Senate John Mccain I learned a lot from him when its comes to homeland security