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Why the only future worth building includes everyone

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Everything has a first, and this is the first TED talk by a Pope.

The talk is in Italian, but you can use Subtitles/closed captions (the CC button in the lower black bar that appears when the video starts running) to see the text in English.

Discussion 3 Comments

  • Rod 2nd Jun 2017

    It's a nice and needed message, but the church should look inwardly at its own problems too. By engaging in a competition of breeding, encouraging large families, to enlarge their power and influence they may be more responsible for our current problems than any other organization in history. So the pope should listen to his own words and try to reverse that trend. With power and influence comes responsibility.

    • Wiley Krapf 25th Jul 2017

      I think the Pope is listening to his own words. However, I don't see the church hierarchy has the ears to hear nor eyes to see.

    • Rod 26th Jul 2017

      Yes, that's probably a better way of framing it :)