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IOPS is setting its first steps on the way to becoming truly self-managed.
Reaching decisions to make this possible, which we did in the September 2016 poll on the makeover proposals, was one thing. Now, IOPS is beginning to implement these decisions.
First Financial Team selected
Last week saw the selection of our first financial team, consisting of Ashim Jain, Caragh -, and David Sevilla González. The team has a mandate for one year, at the end of which a new selection procedure will take place.
Only 36 members cast their votes in the selection poll. Team member David expressed sadness at this low voter turnout.
The main responsibility of the team is to ensure a revenue stream that will cover our operational expenses. We should all wish them success – if they do not succeed, the IOPS website will soon go dark.
For coordinating the work, the team has set up a project: IOPS Financial Team 2016. Expert advice and other assistance by members who can help out will be welcome.
Financial Admin selection started
The financial administrator will be charged with keeping the main account, including making sure the bills are payed on time.
Two volunteers have come forward: M. D. Wray, who has been a member since May 2013, and Rod, who joined in 2012. Rod, who is presently still our website administrator, is only available for a reserve position.
All members are invited to participate in the selection poll, which will run for just two weeks. Help make clear that selected candidates have a mandate for fulfilling their tasks.
The poll is here: Selection of the Financial Administrator. It will run for two weeks, closing by the end of day, Saturday 10 December 2016 (which may be on Sunday, depending on your timezone).

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