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Sending an inviting message

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Months before I heard of IOPS (which only happened when a friend forwarded me the "Open Letter from Chomsky, Shiva, Pilger, Santos and 40 more..."), I wrote a text that I think conveys much of the same vision, but which I tried to write in a way that I hoped would be inviting. I've posted it in Resources under the title "Our Movement". Start reading from page 3.

In comparison with the IOPS key documents it does not pay attention to gender/kinship issues, but I offer this as not so much as a replacement of substance, but rather of style. A key difference is the use of the inclusive first-person plural pronouns "we" and "our". The documents on our site here are very unpersonal.

Another difference is the discursive style instead of bullets and the relative lack of jargon and difficult words. See also the forum Making IOPS understandable.

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