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The Netherlands chapter had its first meeting last week. A report in Dutch has been posted on the chapter's pages. Here I want to highlight one item that emerged from our discussions.

One of the discussion topics was, naturally, what we could effectively do given the few members we have, other than attempt to recruit more members. Brainstorming resulted in the idea of organizing informational meetings on topics that are of interest to a wider group of concerned people and relevant to the IOPS mission and vision. The form could be a teach-in (lectures with discussion), or a debate, or a film night, or some combination of these. The Oscar-winning documentary Inside Job was mentioned as a specific example of a film that is informative and will set people thinking, but in fact there is no lack of topics and material.

Thinking about this afterwards, it occurred to me that seeing IOPS members in action, doing something concrete and meaningful, might be more effective in convincing potential members that it is meaningful to join us than for instance flyering. 

Some earlier blogs with ideas on possible concrete things to do:

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  • Mark Evans 4th Sep 2012

    Hi Lambert - thanks for the report, it is great to see members organising local meeting and trying to build local chapters.

    Regarding the specific topic you raise, I do think educational work is important - popularising our vision etc. But I also agree that concrete and meaningful actions are what will inspire people to join IOPS.

    So some educational work and some concrete actions would be ideal, I think, and with regards to concrete actions what probably makes sense is for IOPS members to join broader coalition campaigns in solidarity with other left organisations.

    Good luck!

  • Ian R. 4th Sep 2012

    Hi Lambert,

    thank you for posting this. You show a good example of what is possible if people decide to meet and try to do sth. together.

  • Tom McNamara 9th Sep 2012

    Dear Lambert

    I'm part of the French chapter. We are looking to have our first National meeting in November. You gave us some good ideas and things to think about.

    Well done