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Een oproep aan allen die een nieuwe en betere wereld nastreven

Een oproep van Noam Chomsky, John Pilger, Vandana Shiva, en circa 40 anderen.

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Can IOPS be revived?

As anyone can see, IOPS is not working now. Is IOPS truly dead, or merely in a coma? Should we pull the plug or mount an effort at resuscitation? I'd hate to see IOPS go. I met some terrific people through IOPS, and learned about ideas that…

Dreaming Revolution

Revolutions are scary. Why is that? A revolution is a fundamental change in the established social relations, in particular in the power structures. We want to change not only the political, but also the economic system. The thing is, all change…

Can a shared ideology unite leftist activists?

(The text below was published before on Titas Biswas' blog The Perspectives.) Introduction Drastic change is needed now. Millions upon millions of people are denied a decent life. Our environment is being ravaged in the name of profit for a…

Newest Projects

Blockupy Frankfurt NL (completed)

Er komt een Europese actie dag in Frankfurt om de Europese Centrale Bank te blokkeren van 16 tot 19 mei. Misschien is het leuk om hier aan mee te doen, en op deze manier elkaar een beetje te leren kennen.…

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South Holland, Netherlands

Founded: 21st Jan 2015

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Second death from police raids in Tangier in two months, Migrants Rise Up

    News from No Borders Morocco Originally posted on December 5, 2013 by beatingborders Reposted here because it got no attention in the international news media.   The 4th of December was a day that will be remembered by many…

Vluchtelingen in detentiecentrum Rotterdam mishandeld?

Blijkens het verslag van deelnemers aan een solidariteitsdemonstratie zijn vluchtelingen in detentiecentrum Rotterdam, waarschijnlijk in hongerstaking, op donderdag 16 mei ernstig mishandeld. Zie dit bericht van Deportatieverzet. De berichten…

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