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Parecomic - a tool for the IOPS. Call for support!

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Parecomic - a tool for the IOPS.

We anticipate that the Parecomic book we are working on will be a very useful tool for IOPS members to introduce IOPS-ish ideas in a comfortable and entertaining manner. Indeed, we are going to try to find a way to provide bulk orders of the book at high discounts to IOPS and its chapters.

The parecomic book  has 5 sections, which go into 1960's student radicalism, the anti war movement, civil rights, the woman's movement, the black panthers, the emptiness of mainstream economics, the problems of building alternative movements,  the struggle of workers co-operative movements in Argentina and Brazil, the establishment of alternative media like South End Press and Znet - and most of all the ideas of parecon itself. Parecomic considers all these while following Michael Albert's story. It covers lots of history, of course lots of ideas about our current society and the better alternative that we can build via the system of participatory economics. While focusing on Michael Albert, the book involves appearances by many other notables, including Noam Chomsky, Barbara Ehrenreich, George Monbiot, Michel Bauwins, Robin Hahnel, Lydia Sargent ,Abbie Hoffmann, Dave Dellinger,Jane Fonda, Christopher Hitchens, Wilhelm Reich, Andre Gorz, Kropotkin, Marx, Lenin -  even Bob Dylan and the Rolling stones!

However, because the publisher was not in position to provide a large advance - I , the author, and the artist Carl Thompson are having to work effectively without pay to create the book. This is very hard for us because the project is very demanding of time and focus and takes, all told, about 2 years. We have to eat, too.

So, we put up a Kickstarter (it is a web mechanism for raising funds) appeal and the Kickstarter drive for the Parecomic book has been uplifting so far as support in words of encouragement and interest have been very high. However, the actual money pledged has been only 60% of the target amount. The problem is that if we don't make the FULL amount by April 23rd, we get nothing at all, zero (that is kickstarter's rule). Thats only 12 days left.

So we have a problem - and we need help to solve it. Can you get us over the top? If all IOPS members donate just $5 each we will make our target and then some. If not, well, we won't even get the funds pledged so far. Here is how you make your pledge:

Go to the kickstarter page for Parecomic on the link below. To pledge you just select an amount from the choices on the right side, and it processes it in a few easy steps. Maybe at the $40 button as thats the level that also gets you the book as one of the 'rewards' for the support.  The money is only a PLEDGE at first, it does not get taken out of your account now, its taken out at the end of the funding drive - and only if the total target money is made.


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  • Fabio Sallustro 12th Apr 2012

    It is a pleasure to tell you that I'll substantially join your project this week end (I can't before)... You two guys deserve it (I've seen some of the pictures on the site)!

  • Sean Michael Wilson 12th Apr 2012

    Thank you Fabio,
    we still have 11 days left on the kickstarter fund for Parecomic, so this weekend is fine.

    I guess you are Italian? Anyway, thank you for supporting our Parecomic book!


  • Antti Jauhiainen 12th Apr 2012

    We are also helping with whatever we can via our organization, and I'll put something in as well personally. It is great that you have taken up to do this, different materials such as this are vital in getting the word out about the usefulness of the participatory economics vision.

    By the way, did you know that there is a (rather large) live action roleplaying event in Sweden this summer, with focus on imagining how a participatory society would work? Good to see that the idea has gained interest there as well!

    In any case, I hope everyone contributes with whatever little they can to this, the funding is almost there and Sean and Carl truly deserve credit for their work.

  • Sean Michael Wilson 12th Apr 2012

    Thanks Antti,

    It was Michael Albert's idea for me to start posting here on IOPS, and a good idea. Parecomic will indeed be useful as a tool for considering Parecon, the visual format is good at that.

    As well as Parecon Finland and Parecon Sweden we've had pledgers from Norway and Denmark too - we are glad of the support from the various Nordic branches of parecon, an area I have a personal connection with, since I studied in Sweden before. Sounds like an interesting effort regarding the live action roleplaying event in Sweden.

    We actually had some big pledges come in today, so we are a large step forward towards the goal already - but by their rules it has to reach 100% target fulfilled, not 99%!

  • Fabio Sallustro 12th Apr 2012

    @ Sean.
    That's right, Italian.
    Let's hope for a great beginning of the project.
    Especially because I really want to translate it in Italian!

    As you said, it's an excellent way to introduce IOPS-ish ideas in a comfortable and entertaining manner.

  • Sean Michael Wilson 13th Apr 2012

    we have had people mention a desire to translate it into Spanish, Finnish and now you with Italian, which is very good - I will be back later to talk to all of you about that later, once Parecomic comes out.

  • Fabio Sallustro 13th Apr 2012

    "はい"(hai) :-)

  • Johannes 13th Apr 2012

    Sean, from what I've seen so far you and Carl are doing a great job! I'm excited to see the result and, of course, you've got my support.

    Are there any plans for a german translation by the way?

  • Fabio Sallustro 13th Apr 2012

    We are all the same guys...ready to translate almost every little thing!

  • Sean Michael Wilson 13th Apr 2012

    Ok, great - German, Italian, Finnish, Spanish, everything! We can discuss all these when the time has come and see what we can make happen. Thanks Guys!

  • 14th Apr 2012

    When I receive my salary at the end of this coming week, which is before your deadline, I will increase my pledge. Best of luck with these final few days!

  • Joseph Essertier 15th Apr 2012

    I just pledged and as it says, it's a "snap" to pledge if you have an Amazon.com account. It's really easy! Less than $2,000 to go. C'mon everyone!

  • Sean Michael Wilson 15th Apr 2012

    Thank you Zane and Joseph - its heartwarming for us to see this nice support for Parecomic, really.
    Yes, now we have only around $1,800 to go - we have a good chance of making the target to support the book.

  • Crip Moorey 15th Apr 2012

    You're in Japan and it is a comic... Will there be a Japanese Manga version?

  • Sean Michael Wilson 15th Apr 2012

    A Japanese version would be nice, yes. I could have a think about that when the book comes out. Gambaru!

  • Kim Keyser 22nd Apr 2012

    YAY! The funding goal has been reached, and there's still more time to donate! I'm already looking forward to reading it. :)

  • Sean Michael Wilson 24th Apr 2012

    The funding drive for Parecomic has just finished and we were successful in passing the magick $8000 target figure!

    It's been a real roller coaster ride over the last 60 days. The funding was on target, and then got a lot behind, but then we were lucky, as two well-off left wingers put in $1000 each. The announcements here on Znet and IOPS made a big difference, as about half of the amount pledged came from Znet and IOPS folk.

    Apart from the actual money the general support level has been very high. And the promo value for the Parecomic book is considerable. We've had lots of encouraging and supportive words, and done several interviews in good comic book places and radical web sites and magazines. We've also had the firm backing of Michael Albert himself.

    So, it's been well worth doing it. Thank you all very much for supporting Parecomic!

    Sean and Carl.

  • 7th May 2012

    Hi guys!

    Just wanted to pop in and wish you continued support for your project. I'm looking forward to reading it!

    All the best.

  • Sean Michael Wilson 7th May 2013

    Hi all, PARECOMIC is officially out today, after 2 years of work.

    A 240 page documentary book, with an intro by Noam Chomsky. I've been rading over it myself since it arrived with me and I'm very pleased.

    There is a kindle and itunes version too. A 'look inside' sneek of the contents is on the amazon page about it: http://www.amazon.com/Parecomic-Michael-Albert-Participatory-Economics/dp/1609804562

    And for those of us who dont want to buy things from amazon, the book can be got from the publisher directly:

    I will make another post about this later, and Michael mentioned plans to allow local chapters of IOPS to get copies of the book in bulk discounts, so that it can be used as a talking point/focus of action. We should work out more about this from now on...

    Thanks all!