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Hello from Japan

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Hello there!  I have just found this web site and wanted to introduce our group in Kawasaki, Japan.

We have been meeting a few times a month, discussing Participatory Society (参加型市民社会) in very friendly and casual atmosphere.

We make a point in voluntary participation and ensure there is no hierarchy, no matter how subtle, sadly found in many otherwise well-meaning political organizations.

I will report to my colleagues at our next meeting; I hope we will be able to make more blog posts in the future.


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  • Rod 9th Oct 2016

    Hi Yasuaki, welcome to IOPS! Some of us are trying to breathe some fresh air into this org, so it's a great time to join :) I hope you will find this a friendly place too. More blog posts are certainly welcome! In English or in Japanese.

    I tried to have a look at your website using Google Translate, but quickly gave up as I found myself lost in translation.

  • Yasuaki Kudo 10th Oct 2016

    Hi Rod, sorry for that - many comments on our page are not even full sentences so I am not surprised :-) .

    I think my friends will find it very exciting to suddenly expand from local to global. Let me write more soon.

  • Bat Chainpuller 10th Oct 2016

    I second Rod's sentiments. Nice to see an independent group stumble across a website expressing a similar political position offering a chance to go global, in, I hope, a similarly friendly and casual atmosphere. So now we have had a blog in Turkish and a group fro Japan connect and communicate. Cool.

  • Peter Lach-Newinsky 10th Oct 2016

    Yes, welcome Yasuaki! Great to hear of you and your group, and hope to hear more.

  • fred curran 11th Oct 2016

    Hello Hello Yasuaki, and let me jump on the welcome wagon. As Mr. Chainpuller put it before, awesome to see an independent group finding this website. Looking forward to hearing more.

  • Lambert Meertens 12th Oct 2016

    Γεία σου Yasu!

    Right now I’m typing this while in Molyvos on Lesbos. Γεία σου in Greek literally means “Your health” but is the common way here of saying “Hi” to friends. And it sounds just like “Yasu”. Together, Yasu Yasu!

    I’m looking forward to hearing how your participatory friends react to finding out about having friends all over the world.

  • Yasuaki Kudo 12th Oct 2016

    Hi everyone,

    We (well at least I have spoken to one member personally :-)) are very excited, too! I will talk about IOPS at our next meeting on October 21. I am looking forward to making global connections learning more from other groups!

  • Charles Yang 14th Oct 2016

    Hey Yasuaki it is awesome to hear from you. I look forward to hearing about how your next meeting goes. Please keep us informed.