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Anarchism for Artists

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I’ve written a long piece on how comic books (and all arts) would thrive in an anarchist system, out on Forbidden Planet blog (a comic book store) and featuring our Parecomic book with Michael Albert and Noam Chomsky. Michael also contributed to this article:



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  • LedSuit ' 26th Oct 2014

    The relationship of the artist with and within a new "anarchist" type society, a freer society, has always seemed a little problematic to some. But the artist needs resources. They need stuff to do their stuff. Even within capitalist societies collectives of artists of all types, shapes and sizes have arisen to support each other, to help each other survive the highly debilitating, restrictive, "have to give up now" and homogenising effects of the capitalist market place. These collectives themselves could easily be viewed as workplaces producing socially valuable stuff, workplaces integrated into the wider economy via all the other workplaces that make the stuff needed for artists to make their stuff. Without the profit motive the incentive is the work itself and it's use value. With a huge array of diverse stuff being produced by artists of all sorts, a huge array of diverse workplaces would arise, needed to display the works or provide outlets for their consumption by fellow citizens. Including ye olde comic book!

    Sounds good to me Sean.

  • Alex of... 27th Oct 2014

    other notes but somwhere bewteen markets and councils, or outside… a note concerning art.


  • Sean Michael Wilson 27th Oct 2014

    Thanks Alex and James. Of course i was focusing on my own area of art here, and this article appears on one of the main comic book websites, but it applies to all types of art, indeed. Roll on the day that our creative energy is so released!