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Parecomic graphic novel moving on

THe PARECOMIC graphic novel about Michael Albert and Parecon ideas, with the Chomsky intro, is out and about now. Please check it out and get a copy yourself. Here are some reviews and opinions the book has got already: "As a primer on the…


Activism in Tokyo tokyospring.blogspot.jp  (jap/eng) please take a look thanks

Membership Drive in Japan

There are several IOPS members in Japan now.  What can we do to spread the word?  Postcards?  Leaflets?  Posts on progressive web pages in Japan web space?  Any ideas? One first step will be to translate the basic information…

Parecomic - a tool for the IOPS. Call for support!

Parecomic - a tool for the IOPS.We anticipate that the Parecomic book we are working on will be a very useful tool for IOPS members to introduce IOPS-ish ideas in a comfortable and entertaining manner. Indeed, we are going to try to find a…

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Translation of Mission Statement, etc. into Japanese

If anyone would like to help with translating IOPS web pages into Japanese with me, please let me know, preferably by sending me a message through the IOPS message system.  (In Japanese, IOPSのページを日本語で翻訳していますが、手伝ってくださる方、メッセージをください。)…


Its noted on Znet already, but i thought I should make notice of it here too. Our upcoming book PARECOMIC, please support it if you can:'Parecomic: Michael Albert and the Story of Participatory Economics'…

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Chiba-ken, Japan

Founded: 18th Jun 2012


Tokyo-to, Japan

Founded: 15th Jun 2012


Kanagawa-ken, Japan

Founded: 15th Jun 2012


Okayama-ken, Japan

Founded: 11th Jun 2012

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