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Socialism, selfgovernment and selfmanagement

Project Information
Created on: 1st April 2012

This project would to join most peoples to exchange materials, studies, opinion on the argument of self-government and self-management in world today and in the history yesterday, not only in a marxist perspective. The organization of popular power is too important today to face the reduction of democracy spaces due to great power of multinationals, IMF, MB, finance. The experience today of self-management in Argentina (the film "The Take" of Naomi Klein explain very well this action), Brazil (partecipatory democracy in Porto Alegre) Venezuela (Plan Guyana and other information frequently appeared on website zcom) and in other parts of the world are very significative in XXI century. But it's important allso to study and discuss about the shape of popolar power in the past (Paris, 1871; soviet of russian revolution, 1917; spanish councils, 1936-37), jugoslav self-management 1948-1990) to understand a new way to build a real, partecipate democracy. So I ask to all to contribute to implement this too important discussion with the aim to build a new political project for the future.

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