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Report of IOPS meeting in Dublin, Wednesday April 30th

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Report of IOPS meeting in Dublin, Wednesday April 30th

The agenda for the meeting:

1. Reviewing our recent participation in the Dublin Anarchist Bookfair

2. Deciding on how to engage with IOPS Austria’s request to participate in a joint action

Five members attended in total (including one new member) with two apologies for non-attendance.

We began by welcoming the new member and briefly introducing ourselves.

We then began discussing our participation in the bookfair. We concluded that in general, the action was a success and positive outcome was achieved. We managed to increase our membership total including our active membership. We acknowledged that there were some issues that we could address and lessons to learn in terms of organising future events.

We resolved to write a joint blog among the participating members detailing and assessing the bookfair event.

As a result of the bookfair we had built up an email contact list and we decided on how to address and contact those who left their details.

We discussed the financing of the bookfair and how this might be better organised in the future. No decisions were made although we learnt that we’re left with money over from the bookfair.

We also discussed having met some members at the book fair who expressed an interest in IOPS but due to time/distance problems could not attend physical meetings. We proposed to investigate setting up online Skype meetings in between physical meeting to establish and maintain contact with members who could not physically attend meeting but who would otherwise like to be involved.

Extra to the agenda we discussed that moving forward we would evaluate IOPS Mission in a future meeting in much the same way as we had the IOPS Vision. We suggested that we produce a blog summarising our assessment of the IOPS vision document. However, we acknowledged that we were missing reports of some meetings and we endeavoured to revisit them.

Finally, we addressed the request from IOPS Austria to cooperate in a joint action during the European Week of Solidarity. For our action in Dublin, we discussed our options given the number of members willing/able to participate, the amount of time to prepare and what we would hope to achieve.

We recognised the danger in trying to mount a protest that could be either swallowed up, over-shadowed or co-opted by a larger organisation. We also acknowledged the ability to mount a large enough protest to realistically and effectively achieve our aim of spreading the word about IOPS. We decided that rather than a protest we would hold a celebration on the naming of a new bridge in the city after a female social justice advocate Rose Hackett on the 20th of May. We also decided to collaborate in the production of an information leaflet about how the values she represented would seem to suggest that had she been alive today she would have been in broad agreement with IOPS mission and vision.

We resolved to discuss the organisation of this online in the forums so that members who could not attend the meeting could participate in organising the event and that it would show online activity of what we are doing. We also agreed to meet face to face in the week leading up to the event on the 14th of May to finalise arrangements. Also previously, we agreed to pool our shared skills in media production to produce digital media. To this end, we agreed to produce a video of the event and a number of short interviews with the participants outlining what IOPS is about.




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