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Hail King Prick!

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Hail King Prick!


The vain glorious dick has been elected King Prick.

A mourning of victory for all the worlds pricks!


Hide your son from the colours,

go lock up all your daughter's ships.

For hear a World full of slaughter happily skips.


Calamity of blind rages,

has spoke a joke for all our ages.

We will fight the Right

               for the Right,



Be awoken lips for better or keep getting worse,

this long cars rolling backward blackbird 


its a great big bloody hearse!


Thru' the eye of a needle

its good morning evil,




cuz, that criminal rich racist New York Honky,

has just become King Mc Donald Donkey!






(On waking up this morning 9th November 2016)


'A Kiss in Time' by Antonio Carty

(Magnetised iron filings on paper)

Discussion 35 Comments

  • Lambert Meertens 9th Nov 2016

    Shush. We do not have that many members; we cannot afford to lose them through drone attacks.

    President Trump has two red buttons on his desk, labeled TWEET and NUKE. Cartoon by Patrick Chappatte


  • Lambert Meertens 9th Nov 2016

    Some editorials I saw only expressed fear for the stability in the World; others mainly for civil rights. I am more afraid of the consequences Trump’s presidency will have for the poor people who voted them in. They have their revenge on the establishment that abandoned them and may feel today like winners, but tomorrow they will find out they are the real losers. Nothing will now keep the Republican majorities from dismantling the social programs that were their last lifelines.

  • Antonio Carty 9th Nov 2016

    Yes I was thinking that to, they have voted in their worst enemy, but they didnt want to hear it. I feel most sorry for whoever Trumps first victims will be. I was listening to Democracy now, they had a 2 hour special & one of the guests was saying people should rally to his first victims because we're all in this together. Thats why I wrote thru' the eye of a needle. I must say I cant respect anyone who voted for Trump, they didnt care what they did. They knew the rich had robed them but they voted for one who said he'd deport & deal with other poor people who they should of seen common cause with, they have revelled in hate & yes all will be on the wrong end of his stick except for the very people who rob & rig the world & yes ruin the USA to. Cheers Lambert we'l keep our spirits up instead!

  • Antonio Carty 9th Nov 2016

    Its depressing for older people as well like my parents, my Mum wonders will she be alive to see past this insult to humanity. She is originaly Spanish & had enough to put up with Rajoy & the criminal PP part in her Espana. The media has been a fundamental problem, they have infantalised culture so much & sown fear of others. They can control the spotlight so a crime even in broad daylight becomes not real but something not real can become the biggest most important issue. The corrupt sellouts of the Democrats also betrayed common senses currency, their murderous casino with integrity all counts & has overtaken any credentials they ever had. Bernie was the one who could of led the rage into our better angels but they had contempt for democracy also & felt their clever means could control their ends, but here we are in reality. If media news can be reclaimed in an effective consistant way then truth can unravel us all out & give us all a chance to burst these ridiculous horrendous dooked bubbles that waste our lives opportunitys & our planets whole future. Reclaim the media, then common truth will tumble all of this down.
    Buenos noches amigo!

    • Antonio Carty 9th Nov 2016

      I meant to say 'doomed bubbles' not dooked!

  • Lambert Meertens 10th Nov 2016

    I don’t know if it is that simple. Sure, many Trump voters believed that you were not supposed to say some of the bigoted things he said because they were not politically correct, and not because these things were false. That is ignorance, perhaps reproachable, but not necessarily malicious.

    Early polls during the primaries that pitted one Democratic versus one Republican contender showed a neck-and-neck race between Clinton and Trump. The same polls showed a comfortable lead for Sanders against Trump. Yet the Democratic establishment decided Clinton was going to be their candidate, even when they knew Trump was on a winning path to the Republican ticket. They gambled with the future of the American people. At the same time many exponents of the Republican establishment openly expressed their preference for Clinton. All this only underscored what most voters understood very well: Clinton was the candidate of the establishment.

    We know that many voters who voted for Clinton did so without enthusiasm for the candidate, choosing what they believed to be the lesser of two evils. Well, maybe the same holds for many people who voted for Trump. Faced with an unappetizing choice, while seeing what was wrong with the anti-establishment candidate, they chose what they believed to be the lesser of these two evils.

    A representative of the liberal mainstream media and a redneck Trump supporter can agree on one thing about the presidential candidate: “He’s going to destroy America as we now it!” Cartoon by Chan Lowe of September 22, 2016

    See also Peter’s insightful blog Powerlessness, Resentment, Longing and Rightwing Populism.

  • Antonio Carty 10th Nov 2016

    Some of my spelling was terrible there so here it is again corrected. (I wish you could edit & delete your comments on IOPS!)Only the USA's white poor voted for Trump in majority numbers. Blacks voted over 80% for Clinton Hispanics overwhelmingly for Clinton to, because Trump made it very clear he supported whites over Afro & Hispanic & Asian to. What he smeared blacks & hispanics ect with was violently wrong, it wasn't just stuff which is kinda true but not polite & nice to say it was wrong & supportive of violence. His rally echoed the revelling fascism of Hitler rallys. He apprenticed the 20th century rise of Fascism. I cant respect people who voted to elect a rich man to beat around other poor people who are different ethnicity to them. Sure I would of had complete apathy voting for Clinton but I would never of voted for a rich establishment crook to change the establishment root out corruption & give me equity from the rich. They where persuaded by the seduction of his racism & the dignity it pretended for just them. If you look at the poor Irish in early New York they where poor but given advantages over the African Americans, so divided & conquered instead of uniting the poor of different groups they could be viciously racist against their fellow poor because they saw that as an easier power & dignity they could hold. The Orange Order in Northern Ireland was set up to gain the poor protestants to the rich Unionists cause in 
    reaction to the 1798 Wolfe Tone all Ireland rebellion where protestants & catholic poor had united together in common cause against British & rich Unionist rule. Divide & conquer was the solution to the threat of the different poor groups power thru' unity. Poor, middle & well off whites have voted for the pathetic power trip of racism. If Bernie hadn't been blocked by corrupt Democrats & Media he could of brought out many whites common sense wits & better angels. But it was made clear what a rich cheat & racist Trump would be & they voted for him. I can blame the Democrats & the Media, for the reasons I wrote in the last comments, for sure but I also blame the adult people who voted for him the bigger of two evils. They may come to regret it when he cheats them just as easily but they voted against the rights of others for a nasty cheap ego trip. I will treat them as fellow adults & not respect them for their choice. Tough love they need not more indulgence for their bigotries & misplaced blames. They just elected a rich man thru' the eye of a needle into a President. Clinton made much better commitments after Bernie, she could of been held to that, but she wasn't indulgent enough of their racist fantasies?! Shame on them, they just elected an obvious Hitler.

    On the positive side this will have to be a catalyst for us all waking up and reclaiming our democracy & media. The environments going over the edge, corporations have taken over democracy, we need to all wake up & join in common cause to a real democracy, we need to become brothers & sisters to one and 'other' if we are escape the corporate prison & its new head jailer Trump. This disaster must be a catalyst, that is the only hopeful way to overcome this all.
    Buenos Noches Lamberto!!

  • Peter Lach-Newinsky 10th Nov 2016

    "This disaster must be a catalyst, that is the only hopeful way to overcome this all." Well said, Antonio. Perhaps progressive dialogue, consciousness-raising and self-organizing will now receive considerable additional energy.

  • Peter Lach-Newinsky 10th Nov 2016

    And in regard to the above, I'll paste in here what The Rules group (based in NYC) said in a generic email:

    "The election of Donald Trump has left millions, maybe even billions of us in shock. Although we may be looking with bewilderment at the US today, we should remember that he is not an isolated phenomenon. He is a symptom of a sickness that is raging all around the world. People are hurting, disillusioned with mainstream politics and increasingly angry at a neoliberal economic system that is destroying lives and the planet with increasing ferocity. And in their desperation they are willing to consider extreme measures to make themselves heard.

    Demagogues thrive amid fear and insecurity, which is why they paint the world in such dark terms. It’s a strategy that has put right-wing populist leaders in power in an Axis of Egos: from Brazil to Turkey, the Philippines to Russia, authoritarian strongmen like Trump are on the rise. Meanwhile, many centrist liberals, like the Democratic Party in the US, have been so intent on rejecting left-wing populist solutions, and so sure of their ability to beat anyone running on a white supremacy platform with its misogyny and homophobia, that they opened the door for Mr. Trump to walk straight through. Their preference is always to maintain the status quo that has served them so well.

    As dangerous as the election of Trump is for the world, we can also see in this moment the truth that we simply cannot rely on the electoral political system to save us, because it is designed to prevent the fundamental change we need. Its own survival is at stake and it will marshal all its champions and resources to defend itself and stop the emergence of a new system. But when we work, or continue working for change from the ground up; when we build or keep on building new ways of living and being with each other where we live; when we construct or keep constructing the future we know is possible with our own hands, rather than hoping distant leaders will build it for us, we find our true power. Finally, when we combine that with the unbending hope that has powered change through the ages, we know our power has meaning.

    A 400-year-old economic system is dying and another is struggling to be born. Change on this scale is not going to be smooth or easy. We should not be surprised, then, that moments like this - where the establishment is dealt a body blow - become more and more common. We can despair when that blow comes in the form of right-wing extremists, or we can step-up. We are the ones we are looking for, who can and must grasp the opportunities in these crises that are undoubtedly there.

    So it’s time to come together, taking time to remember the earth. Remember all the successful struggles for justice that came before us, and imagine all those to come. Remember that social movements are growing all over the world and realising the common struggle. Remember life. Then, organise. Find each other and help midwife the inevitable transition that brings forth from the ashes of neoliberal capitalism a system that works for the good of all life on Mother Earth. This is not just activism; this is our responsibility as human beings alive as this all unfolds.

    This is why we are here.

    In hope, love and solidarity,

    /The Rules team

    • Antonio Carty 11th Nov 2016

      Thanks Peter, I completely agree with that statement!

  • Rod 11th Nov 2016

    The question of respect is an important one I think. The way these people feel isn't all that different from how (other) minorities feel. They feel forgotten and disrespected and this is the only way they know how to stand up for themselves.

    I see this mostly as a failure of culture. Mainstream culture in particular, but also a failure of leftist culture. One thing we might learn from this is that we have to reach out and listen to the other side more. Real change will only be possible if there's mutual respect between people on both sides of the political spectrum.

    Btw Antonio, I deleted your corrected comment.

    • Rod 11th Nov 2016

      Just realized I sound way too moralistic there :) I can understand your feelings towards Trump voters and share them to a certain extent. Any problem can be looked at from different perspectives and for moral problems it might be useful to have as broad a spectrum as possible. I don't want to add to or create a politically correct atmosphere, just add a different perspective. In the end it's about what will work and what won't and I'm certainly no expert on that.

    • Antonio Carty 11th Nov 2016

      Thanks Rod, (How do you delete?)

      Yeah after 9 11 everyone did their best to understand the blood thirst of USA & they enjoyed that & are still at war. Now after they elect a contemporary Hitler we should as I said treat his duped fans with tough love not indulgence. Yes its a pity Bernie wasn't there for the progressive protest of all but this was a division & exploitation of protest sold to the bigotry of whites. Its good to give all those suffering the economic system a better way forward but I think its a dis grace on the character of those whites who still voted for Trump when they know what he's said he wants to do to Immigrants from south America & Muslims & supporting the police in their murder of Afro American ect. Trump lives in a golden tower he is famous for firing people for not paying them for bribing politicians & is an insider. The only reason they felt he was an outsider was that he wasn't afraid to say all the things white racism enjoys. They can join the better ways if they wake up but they have had all the indulgence they're due. Yes as I've said to we need to all come together & support better ways & candidates & organisations & medias ect. But Trump voters, should be ashamed of what they have supported into power & then hopefully by such questioning wake up & join the majorities of even worse victims of the system than them.

    • Rod 13th Nov 2016

      I have a delete button next to the answer button (as website administrator).

      Like I said before, I share your feelings toward Trump voters to a certain extent. We're all human and shouldn't deny or suppress our feelings.

      I really don't know what the best strategy would be to change these people's minds. But I'd say any successful strategy dealing with Trump would have to be based on a broad understanding of the reasoning behind the Trump votes. At least this is what I'm most interested in. This doesn't have to mean indulgence, but it does mean looking past the label of racism to find out what is really going on.

  • Bat Chainpuller 11th Nov 2016

    I must admit, and I was saying this to someone only a little while ago, that this call to "organise" is losing all meaning to me. Albert has said it in a post Trump essay. Bill Fletcher has said it in a post Trump essay. Michael Tencer, of the Association of Musical Marxists, said as much in a pre trump victory essay, and the above letter says it.

    I do not want to sound like a killjoy, but I honestly and for the life of me do not know what it means. Organise what? Around what? Where? Fucking how? Do I go to the library, taking time off work and losing money, and organise a talk about parecon? Do I join some serious organisation that is already doing shit, and devote serious time to it and put real pressure on my family relationships? What the fuck does let's organise mean? Do they really mean for me to organise, because I really do not know the first thing about it, nor what to rally around, or how to mobilise people etc.. And it's difficult enough to organise around very specific things like getting a children's crossing up and running, or organising against some proposed new shit infrastructure, like a freeway or something. But what are all these writers actually talking about doing? What kind of organising and with whom and with what focus in mind.

    And I'm kind of expecting everyone to leap in and tell me what to do, as if it is all quite easy and straight forward, and just takes a little commitment and sacrifice, but the truth is, it actually isn't a little commitment and sacrifice really, and it actually isn't all that easy and simple.

    But it is all very very easy for writers or already existing groups or organisations or those who have built their lives around activism over decades, to say to everyone else, ordinary idiots like myself, it's time for us to organise. Fuck, I could say that.

    Could you please be more specific? Actually, could you please be specifically specific and actual outline some process you had in mind so us inexperienced-no-nothing-about-organising-nor-really-want-to-know nobodies know what the fuck you are actually talking about or desire, so we can then make some kind of rational decision?

    Because the word organise is starting to become meaningless to me.

    • Antonio Carty 11th Nov 2016

      It sounds like you have no time Bat, fair enough I have not much & certainly no spare money!

      Just support better candidates in elections where you live.

      Perhaps sign & join online petitions organised by Open Media.com & Roots Action & there are many more you'l encounter from there on. This requires just reading a few paragraphs on the issue & then signing the letter that will be sent as one of all your fellow signers to the company or politician responsible for the injustice to whom ever's rights the petition is about. This is proving more & more effective the more people are doing it & you will hear of many good results that come from petitions you will have signed.

      Also maybe try & post links to these petitions & causes on your social media to see if your friends might also think to sign them to. If you talk to friends even online you can help raise consciousness that could lead to support among them for progressive opportunities if they emerge near you & your awareness & support for more progressive candidates who maybe trying to get elected locally or nationally.

      Theres some suggestions I've given you with my time!

    • Bat Chainpuller 11th Nov 2016

      Thanks Antonio, appreciated, but it's more to do with the word organise. I do all those things you mention, but these writers/activists/groups are talking about organising. Now to me it seems that they aren't really talking about it as if it isn't or hasn't been happening already, like as if, Trump's been elected, everyone's had a kick up the arse and they've noticed they all haven't been organising shit. It's not that surely. It must be something else. Like kicking into another gear regarding the doing of something they all have been doing anyway. Like let's all get really serious about it all as if before Trump got the chocolates they weren't doing it right.

      So what is it they think needs doing. Just saying organise doesn't mean shit. Those who are already doing it, good at it, experienced at it all, writing about it should he saying what it is exactly that they should be doing now.

      If I say to someone I know, who knows shit about activism, or anything like that, has no experience of it, nor organising because for thirty years they haven't been doing an empowering job, to organise, they'll just look at me and ask all sorts of basic questions like how, what, where, with whom, and who's going to listen to me and Zi wouldn't know what I was doing nor where or how to begin.

      So it seems logical to me, they are not talking necessarily to those types of people. Either way, they have to be more specific because organising is actually a skill set which doesn't have much to do with the things you suggest above Antonio.

      And of course time is a scarce commodity. It appears that even the most experienced, like many who wrote testimonials for IOPS, had very little of it to use organising around an organisation that they all said/wrote was a most important and necessary thing.

      Beats me.

    • Antonio Carty 11th Nov 2016

      Also as Peter showed above, here is a link to buy a book on how you can get involed. http://www.chelseagreen.com/rules-for-revolutionaries

    • Bat Chainpuller 11th Nov 2016

      Yeah I know, gotta read more (see my blog). I read pretty much everything that people hurl at me, within reason, time constraints, emotional ebbs and flows, distractions both normal and odd. I got a shit load of how to stuff in my iPad, but my point is very specific and someone not experienced or who has never been empowered or done empowering work, perhaps even avoided it all their life, reading something about organising is not going to all of a sudden make them an organiser. It may in fact have the opposite effect. Make them NOT get involved.

      NO, these groups and experienced writers calling for action and organising have to start putting their money where their mouths are, not expecting this amorphous mass of readers they are writing for to all of a sudden get up and at it. They have to outline proposals and moves and they have to now not talk vaguely about midwifing visions for the future but specifically about clear coherent ideas that can be elucidated and debated hard and with real vigour, again and again and again until everyone's fucking exhausted and a new bunch with energy can start up because they have clear information and knowledge. What type of organising with clear driving instructions and possibilities need to be spelled out and with gentle persuaders to those who couldn't nor want to, organise their way out of a wet paper bag, otherwise it's all just a lot of vague hot air.

      Saying we need to organise is the same as saying we need eco-socialism and stopping there. It's meaningless.

    • Lambert Meertens 11th Nov 2016

      From the context of the sentence in which The Rules team urges activists to “organise”, I understand it is essentially another way of saying, “Come together”, or “Find each other”.

    • Antonio Carty 11th Nov 2016

      I think the book I gave you link to looks good. I'm going to get it, Becky Bond who co wrote it was involved in Bernie Sanders successful campaign (except the campaign was sabotaged by the Clinton supporting Democrat elite)

      You do appear to be vacillating your self. You ask as if you want to do something but not really do anything. The people writing about whats going on in places are spreading information about whats going on & they're aware of. Do what you can, support what you can & stop trying to prosecute other people by ridiculing a word they use like organise. many people are doing things in many places. In USA its good to see so many people out in the streets and seeing what they can do to reclaim the direction of their country from rolling backwards into bigotry & corporate dominance of rights ect. Its up to each of us to try and organise something ourselves or join something others have. ect. I don't agree with your argument, you're criticising others for saying 'organise' but are uninterested, for the purposes of your expression, in looking at what they organise.

      But the left has been fragmented & may hopefully put more commitment into protesting & spreading a better belief in democracy not just been every 4 to 5 years but a way of participating & been an agent in your societies awareness & decisions. This year the support in USA for Bernie Sanders was phenomenal. In my country Ireland, this years general election brought in nearly half the countries votes for left parties & independent candidates. Thats nearly half the electorate changing from the older mainstream parties. Thats a lot of people organising & getting support from their communities. Them being supported is just as important as them running for election. It all counts. Maybe just join some local thing & see if it interests you. See what you can give to it, perhaps[s you might surprise yourself!

    • Bat Chainpuller 12th Nov 2016

      There's no vacillating at all on my part. I'm saying just saying organise doesn't mean anything because that's what everyone is already doing and has been doing for decades and centuries. It doesn't change. Lambert is closer to the point but even that is neither here nor there. Coming together or finding each other is a nice sentiment, but it too doesn't help much. The "who" and "we" is also very vague too. The NSP is kind of closer to the right direction, I reckon, and I always thought the shared program thing that Albert mooted was on the right track. But many disagreed. But the shared program thing died in the arse. Why? I joined it and contributed in the only way I could...big deal. It's like testimonials for IOPS, they are meaningless if those writing them don't participate.

      I agree lots of good stuff is going on but this latest call to organise is done as if something is wrong with the way it is being done but nobody's saying what it is. And I'm talking about experienced activists here, people who have built their lives around activism, not people like me who has no time to physically devote to standing in front of buildings here in Melbourne, with placards and petitions, along side Joe Toscano because to do so I lose money and piss people close to me off because I have to work when they do that shit. And I have taken time off to do stuff and it does piss people off and I have to make the time up. But this is all kind if irrelevant. The point is, the word "organise" has a very different meaning to those who have been doing it for decades within the activist world than it does to someone who hasn't done it at all, perhaps in any capacity, or who hasn't built their life around radical activism. And before you start to give me hundreds of examples of people who have organised having never done it before, I'll let you know I'm aware of all that too.

      But this isn't about me or what I am capable of. Spending time defending myself. Since I joined IOPS 4 yrs ago, I've been doing exactly what you say. What I can. It's in the rant below. I've been educating my little heart out too, since long before IOPS appeared. That's doing something. I've learnt, grown, done some shit and all that. Not a lot, but I'm not going to sit here and say I've done nothing or don't try. I participate here at least more than most which is doing something. It all takes time and energy.

      Electoral politics will always be around. Parties organising shit. Independents and loonies wanting votes. I could get involved in that but that is a world I wish to stay away from. And I'm not so sure that's what these people are talking about. And if it is about coming together and finding one another, as Lambert points out, why on earth haven't the progressive left, or radical revolutionary left been able to do it by now? Or what difference does it make to "organising" because Trump is in power? What's changed in the world of organising all of a sudden? Be specific. What is to be one and how. It's not as if this idea is at all novel. IOPS hasn't worked. The shared program hasn't worked. Did the world social forum work?

      George Lakey says protests don't work. What is needed is campaigns. Great. Elucidate please. Campaigns around what, going where. I'm a dumb fuck so I need to be told these things.

      Yeah, I'm pushing hard here, searching for something, but I don't need to be psychoanalysed. Shit, I already know I'm fucked up. Even you say the left has been fragmented. I'd say it perpetually is. Has been for centuries. I'd go as far to say "it" doesn't know what "it's" doing because the "it" isn't a person, nor a thing at all, it's an amporhous mass of disconnected groups and individuals all over the joint.

      Yeah, anyone can write about all the wonderful stuff that is happening, people coming together, Occupy, Black Lives Matter, Corbyn, Sanders, The Next System Project, the latest basic income party in Germany, Podemos, Left Unity in England, the struggling PSUV in Venezuela, pick a left party in Latin America, Rojava, Zapatistas, Kerala, Joe Toscano's Public Interests Not Corporate Interests party, the diverse array of community economics, p2p movement, co-op this, co-op that, independent unions in China, India and South Africa, etc., and they do, all the time. Now there's even OR in the US set up by Sanders, which Michael Albert was trying to get people to join and support and put pressure on, to change some of its suspect ways and asoects. But if everything's it's all good and rolling, then just let it be, let it all evolve as it has been. But I suspect there is something lurking underneath the use of the word "organise" here, something more, beyond the mere act of actually just organising shit. The IOPS experience is kind of telling to me as is this Our Revolution thing, started by a professional politician.

      Something is happening here but I don't know what it is, do I Mr ?

      But if not, cool. Just go out and organise!

  • Bat Chainpuller 11th Nov 2016

    Here comes the rant from the king of ranters. And Zi do hold the crown. Dispute it and challenge me if you wish, but you will lose. And a rant should not ever be ignored just because the ranter admits it's a rant. Note the way it is constructed and builds.

    I mean, people have been organising for ever and a day. It's not as if BT (before Trump) there was little or no organising and now, PT (guess), we have to all start.

    So what has everyone been doing wrong? Or more to the point, why has all the organising and calls for organising, up to Trump's election, been so unsuccessful or impotent? Why does Trump's election make everyone sit up and take notice, when I gather, that the experienced organisers/activists all knew what was needed long before. I mean, they've been writing about this shit for years?

    So is something wrong with "our" or "their" organising skills, at least up to now, the TE (Trump Era)? And what makes people certain future efforts will be more successful when they haven't been up to this point? Or have they and I just missed something? What will they do differently because they have been writing about doing things better and differently also for years? Or is the TE (Trump Era, in case you forgot) just an aberration, like a bad dream, a speed hump? Easily dealt with?

    People always write about all these amazing things taking place around the world, all these efforts, all this organising, about the need for all this togetherness and then this happens, and everyone is like, "Whoah, the storm is coming? Shit. We must do something or that nuclear button will be pressed (and it's probably not a button but an app!). Quick, everybody, organise."

    The storm's been around, at least for me, since I was born and obviously long before. The shit is getting worse, not better, regardless of the wonderful hard work and "organising" of millions of dedicated people. This is not to disparage that history or legacy. But just saying organise when that is what everyone has always fucking said and done for decades, even centuries, makes me so bloody frustrated it's not funny.

    Do we need to rally around vision/s? Because that's not really happening apart from the NSP and isolated regional efforts. Usually visionaries sit by their lonesome peddling their own on their own marginal website somewhere. Or writing books. That doesn't help the average punter be able to organise shit. See my comment regarding what I would say to Jeremy Paxhead on my blog. What about organising around coherent and streamlined transitional strategy evolving, building, growing around shared program and values, that is all actually heading towards something coherent and clear, so the average punter isn't left feeling like they are getting involved in some kind of vague movement that may or may not be headed to the best possible place?

    Do we organise around The Climate Mobilisation's Victory Plan which wants to see zero net carbon emissions by 2025? No? Yes? How do we do that and where do we start? No? Then what? Richard Smith's ideas? Albert's? Hahnel's? Erik Olin Wright's? Do I move to the US and attend an NSP teach in? Or do I start my own NSP branch here in australia? How? What sort of sacrifice and effort would that entail exactly? I've got some idea....fucking lots. Do I hang with local anarchist activist Joe Toscano and his Public Interests Not Corporate Interests group, from who I receive emails which I send off to others, because everything they do is during my work days and I will lose money attending and It will put pressure on my personal relationships doing so? I couldn't even hold a quintet I was trying to start together for longer than one rehearsal before I became despondent!

    Do I research up on that group that wrote the letter Peter posted? And is reading and research organising? If so, I do more than my fair share. Is what the London Organisation for a Participatory Society doing the way to go? I don't know what they ate doing really, they don't talk to us over here anymore? Do I join a basic income advocacy group? A union? An independent union? Do I join Sander's OR, even though I am in australia? Do I join the Greens (yuck)! Do I join the anti-fascist movement? Do I try to promote this dysfunctional organisation here, IOPS, when it isn't anything other than a glorified blog?

    Experienced organising activists do not give two hoots or a smelly old shit about this website let alone the people inhabiting it - it's a caricature, a cartoon - or whether this thing called IOPS will actually ever fly. Not two , not even one. Do I go over to the US and join the Standing Rock indigenous folk and kick some very specific arse? In other words do I say goodbye to my family, my wife, my daughters, because I've got some serious Big Daddy White Geezer arse to fry for the good of humanity?


    Give me more than a fucking word and vague notions of some prospective self emerging self organising society that may or may not be the great society we all want and crave. It's fucking tiring.

    Like that John Doe guy or Joe Doe person who popped in here with his/her very specific solution to IOPS's organising woes and then hasn't been seen since. A member of some closed organisation for a free society. Well fuck. Thanks dude, that was fucking helpful. Pushing your own little barrow, feeling good about yourself and your efforts and then disappearing into the ether like that dipshit magician guy called Dynamo when he does his crappy little "magic" tricks. What's that shit about? That just pisses me off no end. And it's fucking arrogant as well.

    Do I just give money to the Alex Honnold Foundation?

    I got lambasted by Michael Albert, really lambasted, both publicly and privately, for lambasting all those who wrote testimonials for this organisation recently. And I did not hold back even privately. (Note this is an organisation. It's in the name. That means shit needs to be organised. Get it? Organised!) Who then just didn't even show up. Good onya Johnny Pilger, for your support. A fucking testimonial, then nothing. Oh, I forgot, you're so fucking busy doing your investigative journalism and docos, trravelling all over the world, you got no time for "organising" anything else. Well, keep up the great work interviewing that Wikileaks guy. Same with Paul Don't Get Mad At Me James I'm Now At Standing Rock Street. And Cynthia Peters and heaps more.

    Yeah, and Paulo, who did put in here, can lambast me for lambasting them, defend them and shit, but fuck it, I put in here too, helped start a chapter, made a great friend in Jason Chaplin, and are still putting in and I don't know shit, nor know how to organise shit, nor have a network of activist friends with decades of experience. And I'm 55 and get fucking tired every night and am at my whits end nearly all the time. And yes, nor do I have any fucking time, even for myself and my family. But I still put in here and at Z, as a sustainer. And I put in at the shared program site. And I read all the time, talk to Jason as often as I can, sometimes for two hours or more on the phone about all this stuff and Parecon, ID, p2p, anti-fascism, whatsver or music even if we get the chance.

    I was posting shit here when everyone else had fucking nicked off trying to get some kind of response and no-one responded to those posts or blogs at all, some of which were other peoples essays or articles I thought important. I was trying to get people like Mark Evans to post his ideas here on this site, but he just ignores me, because, well, I'm just a deluded angry dude not worth listening to or just and idiot not worthy of any respect. Yeah, I get angry, swear and shit, but I'm no longer apologising for that crap. We're all grown ups here and there are far more important things to worry about than the fucking F word.

    So what the fuck do people mean by organising? And why do people show up here and other places, pontificate about what's needed to people like me, then fuck off somewhere else never to be heard from again, except maybe in a year or two when they receive some official email asking them to vote on something. For fuck sake.

    Full of fucking shit the lot of them.

    That's how to rant you mofos.

    • Lambert Meertens 14th Nov 2016

      The problem with lambasting other activists is that the lambaster too often does not understand where the lambastee is coming from (and vice versa). In defense of Jon Doe and the OFS: The OFS predates IOPS by a couple of years, having been founded well before the Occupy protests (which they helped sustain). Their members are generally more seasoned grassroots activists, and if we had a way to quantify and compare the impact of OFS to that of IOPS my guess is they would come out ahead. In the early years of IOPS, Jon was quite active, both online here and on the ground, for the IOPS New York chapter. Many of the NYC IOPS members were also members of the more active OFS (which expects its members to be more than mere signeruppers), In terms of our key documents, OFS was entirely compatible with IOPS, but in terms of the commitment expected from members and the geographical structure, OFS did not fit within the IOPS structure. Eventually, and quite understandably, the energy and enthusiasm for sustaining support for what appeared to be a faltering start-up faded, and IOPS NY collapsed as an active chapter.

    • Bat Chainpuller 14th Nov 2016

      Yes, I know, you're right. But it was more the way he did what he did and disappeared. Like all of a sudden he shows up, after having disbanded in a way, had time to dump his thoughts, very specific ones, but no time to stick around and elaborate a bit or discuss them with others a little more. He could have explained himself a tad better. I think I asked him something, I can't remember really, but I can remeber thinking or knowing he woukdn't respond. It was more a lambasting of this pop in pop out stuff. And it was a weird out of the blue kind of suggestion to become more like OFS. Or something. And it seemed odd to me in a number of ways that are hard to explain really. And I was aware of his activities here, of who he was.

  • Bat Chainpuller 13th Nov 2016


    You see, the above article by Juan Cole is specific, but it worries me a bit too. All the stuff he suggests is OK, and even worthwhile perhaps, but isn't really new and could easily have been applied to any other era other than the Trumpocene. Two, it seems like much of it is designed around electoral politics and to try to recapture lost ground, the very thing that strategic voter advocates were saying would happen.

    By contrast, Albert offers this,

    "So what happens next?

    We could convince ourselves that all is lost. We could deny that Trump’s voters and especially the more than sufficient numbers of them who had earlier voted for Obama, were overwhelmingly mainly rebelling against being impoverished and denigrated. We could then look inward, fearful, and choose self protection and perpetual verbal rejection of half of society. Considerably less insularly, but no less suicidally, we could simply feel too depressed, deflated, and frustrated to transcend malaise and become sustainably active. Either way, however understandable these paths are, however righteous and fine the people traveling them may be, passively accepting Trump’s machinations would pave a path to hell.

    Alternatively, we could mourn but also rally and fight against the twist of fate that predictable Democratic Party commitment to system preservation, plus media profit seeking, plus pundit confusion, plus misguided popular voting, plus some tampering too have unleashed. We could oppose Trump’s every, anti woman, anti black, anti Latino, anti Muslim, anti gay, and anti worker gesture and policy. Some will even claim this would lead us right toward fundamental change. No more Democrats, those optimists will say to confuse and coopt us. Hooray, now we can reject reaction and wind up with revolution.

    In fact, however, if opposition to Trumpism takes its most likely, natural, and obvious form, its best result will be four years of Trump with many losses but not near as many losses as Trump unchallenged would impose. Then we would get Warren or some other Democrat beating Trump. Society would get back to where it should be now, highly conflicted but with the two opposed sides being side 1, Warren seeking modest important gains while preserving status quo structures, and side 2, movements seeking much deeper gains on the road to fundamental transformation. The price of having Clinton run against Trump rather than Sanders run against Trump would in that case have been our taking up a project that should have occurred now four years from now, with many interim losses and much interim suffering.

    Is there a third road? I think there is. We can resist Trumpian reaction which means that much of our rhetoric, slogans, and battles will necessarily pinpoint immediate policies. It will scream no to going forward into the past. But, to travel a third path requires that we not only oppose Trump’s viciousness, vulgarity, and reactionary policies, but also offer positive program even well beyond what Sanders proposed. We will have to take a spontaneous project to prevent negatives and make it also seek positives.

    If instead of option three, the tone and tenor of our resistance is only to to protect existing social programs which, had a few percent of voters acted differently, we would now be vigorously trying to transcend, then, after the battles unfold, our efforts will at most have gotten us back to where we were a year ago, only four years from now.

    In contrast, if we infuse our resistance to Trump with clear positive values and compelling institutional aims for the future, then perhaps we can turn nightmare into potential. But it will not happen spontaneously just from outrage at Trump. Even now, just days along, look at the writing, the speaking, and the demonstrating, and you will see, I fear, that the natural tendency is to courageously fight reaction while setting aside seeking positive new gains. Without a very conscious effort to do more than ward off the worst, we will soon courageously clamor only to preserve social programs we had hoped to be transcending.

    One last observation. To successfully block reaction, much less to unleash positive potentials, our efforts have got to not only combat racism and sexism but also speak with respect and sincerity to Trump’s voters, not as enemies, but as potential allies, not only about the ills of racism and sexism, but also about their plight and pain, and about why Trump has nothing to do with reducing much less eliminating it, as well as about what could turn it around.

    The less effective alternative, which I hope no one will explicitly advocate, but which we need to also avoid backing into, is that we ourselves resist while assuming that half the country is lost forever and calling them all manner of names that impede their joining us. That way lies true disaster."

    Ok, he's been saying this for years, which is what I am getting at in some sense. But at least he states what is needed, or what he would prefer: "...clear positive values and compelling institutional aims for the future,..." It's merely a matter of knowing what they are and articulating them, not just a matter of just organising. However, it seems true at least to me, that there is no difference in what needs to be done just because we are living in the Trumpocene. The organising is essentially the same but is now going to be harder, possibly, so maybe there's a wake up call in there somewhere. And by luck, if that's what we needed, a wake up call, what the fuck is going on, why the fuck was anyone asleep? Really, in 2016, a wake up call is needed? Do those who constitute what is commonly referred to as the "progressive left" know what they are doing?

    Anarchists pushed through Lenin's crushing of the soviets, Kronstadt, the horrendous and violent oppression and repression of the late nineteenth and early twentieth century and onwards, towards the Spanish Revolution. Then WW2 came along, the Mont Pelerin Society - https://www.montpelerin.org/wp-content/uploads/2015/12/Short-History-of-MPS-2014.pdf - the US imperial war machine ramped up, twenty five years or so of what is called the economic golden age that sends most into an apolitical daze/coma and true belief that market capitalism can be nice, followed by the the BDWGHPG going into full throttle to throttle the working classes for good, beat them into submission during the seventies, until finally, they, the people, the wretched masses, see the light in the US and elect a television personality! All that hard work from WW2 till now has finally paid off. The ruling classes are high fiving each other and their PR machine, right now, and now truly believe anything is possible.

    Meanwhile anarchism gies into post war decline, diminished, still there but goes kinda underground, and market friendly Mondragon is its Spanish replacement and the "left" has to start all over again, and again, and again, and again, limping along. That's why I hang here, because this "org" is built around the right things. I wouldn't join OR if I lived in the US, because I would not be able to sustain any kind of effort trying to get hardened experienced electoral campaigners who believe in corporate structures to change their ways. I would be beaten to a pulp. And life's too short for that. So I'll just hang around here thanks, until the power's turned off, then you all probably won't have to hear from me again. See, tension and release, the driving force of music and most of creation!

  • Lambert Meertens 13th Nov 2016

    Some of the shell-shocked discussions going on after the “surprise” Trump victory (which, as my friends can testify, was not unexpected for me) give me flashbacks to the late sixties/early seventies, when we’d be sitting in some smoke-filled locale, looking at each other and discussing what we could do. And then every now and then somebody would jump up and proclaim that we should stop talking and instead do something already.

    IOPS itself is an attempt to organize, in the sense of bringing people together – not for some specific issue, but for long-term goals. Standing up against what Trump may do now is important, but it will not be enough. As I see it, the real issue is how to convince many more people of the need to come together and to stand up together, not only for their rights, and for what is right, but for the future of humanity. And that includes people who voted for Trump.

    • Bat Chainpuller 13th Nov 2016

      Yes IOPS was/is exactly that Lambert and it is telling to me. As is Michael's push for some to try and straighten out OR. Nor should people necessarily be shell shocked about the Trumpocene, particularly those on the "progressive left". They can be if they want but it won't change what is required.

  • Caragh - 13th Nov 2016

    Man, I really like this trumpocene idea alot more than I like anthropocene.

    If you need something to cheer you up in a back too front way Bat,watch some Guy McPherson. It puts everything into perspective- not to stop fighting, but to start fighting for what we really actually want to see, not a sanitised society but one where the dirt is still alive. Theres something about realising I probably wont become magnificently old which makes me a little reckless- in a good way.

    There is no point living a half life regardless of Trump or any other warmongerer, or profitmongerer has up their sleeve. What makes me really mad is that the west will keep taking food from the rest of the world as climate change happens. Its going to be like the irish famine times a million with tent cities for scenary.

    I know the left makes you pull your hair out but we are living in a world of make believe. I didnt realise how bad it was til I moved to London as an adult and found out people my age and younger had the goal of being 'famous' without any shame. 'Famous for what' was a bizarre question for them. And so it goes.

    Chomsky revising his imminent crises to include climate change is wonderful news for me and Trump being in charge is terrible for adressing climate change but we will see- maybe it could lead to the US getting expelled from the UN and ecocide law being established. Who knows how the permutations will go.

    Its interesting how little we talk about everyday life and quality of life. We have information overload I think. It would be nice to make this a site where there was good news and bad news but so people didnt have to use facebook so much. I just know its impossible-for me- to keep track of comments consistantly but maybe people will catch on to that.

    I think IOPS is heading in a good direction. We are doing what we should have done at the beginning and its a relief to have eventually stopped seeing people refer to the ICC or whatever its called.

    So please try hang in there with us Bat. I think your tirades are pretty amazing, even though my eyes do skim sometimes admittedly but thats a side effect of so called education I am realising.

    Enough with my meandering attempts at solace :) blessings to you all and I hope we really dont have drone attacks though who knows whats been done to stop IOPS already.

    • Bat Chainpuller 14th Nov 2016

      I really can't see myself going anywhere Caragh. Nowhere to go. Even when I went off the deep end at Lambert and Frankenstein's reaction to my shared program blog, I deactivated in a seething fit, waited a couple of days and returned. I even think there was a private message in there to Lambert between the two events. Can't remember. I'm a recidivist?

      As far as drone attacks, Trumpy would have to amp up the effort to out do Obama!

      Trump sent me back to reading a nit of Joe Bageant. He was a terrific writer and very funny. Had that cynical edge though, like a George Carlin, that thing that in the end kind of leaves you frustratingly hanging. But he's great reading. He was of redneck stock himself. Reading his book, Deer Hunting With Jesus was a lot of fun.





  • Lambert Meertens 13th Nov 2016

       Trump. Right. Okay, the world's gone nuts
    (Russell Brand – The Trew, 10 November 2016)

  • Lambert Meertens 14th Nov 2016

    More bad news. Some people expect that Trump will be impeached or else resign within a year or so into his presidency:

    ➤ NYT, 11 November 2016, David Brooks:
       The View From Trump Tower
    ➤ WaPo, 11 November 2016, Peter W. Stevenson:
       ‘Prediction professor’ who called Trump’s big win also made another forecast: Trump will be impeached

    President Pence will be much, much worse than President Trump.

  • Bat Chainpuller 14th Nov 2016

    “What white middle America loathes these days are poor and poorish people, especially the kind who look and sound like they just might live in a house trailer. They will swear on a stack of Lands' End catalogs that they are not bigots, but, human nature being what it is, we are all kicking someone else's dog around, whether we admit it or not.”

    “Along with the concept of American Dream runs the notion that every man and woman is entitled to an opinion and to one vote, no matter how ridiculous that opinion might be or how uninformed the vote. It could be that the Borderer Presbyterian tradition of "stand up and say your rightful piece" contributed to the American notion that our gut-level but uninformed opinions are some sort of unvarnished foundational political truths. I have been told that this is because we redneck working-class Scots Irish suffer from what psychiatrists call "no insight".Consequently, we will never agree with anyone outside our zone of ignorance because our belligerent Borderer pride insists on the right to be dangerously wrong about everything while telling those who are more educated to "bite my ass!”

    A good friend of mine once said of this place,

    "IOPS politics sounded awful, supermoral liberalism with no sense of class hatred or humour. "We must not impinge" written over the door. I prefer Class War in London, organising riots up and down Camden High Street versus gentrification."

    What can you do? I suppose "we" just wait. Wait for the winner of the NSP best vision prize. 500 buckaroonies! Then "we" can all get down to business showing the hard working proletariat what's really good for them. The judges have just been announced.

    Naomi Klein, journalist and author of This Changes Everything: Capitalism Versus The Climate, The Shock Doctrine: The Rise of Disaster Capitalism, and No Logo: Taking Aim at the Brand Bullies

    Raj Patel, Research Professor in the Lyndon B Johnson School of Public Affairs at the University of Texas, Austin, Senior Research Associate at the Unit for the Humanities at the university currently known as Rhodes University (UHURU), South Africa, and author of Stuffed and Starved: The Hidden Battle for the World Food System and The Value of Nothing

    Dayna Cunningham, Executive Director of the Community Innovators Lab (CoLab), a center of research and practice within the MIT Department of Urban Planning.

    And when I say "we" I don't include me. I'm just watching and every now and then contributing from the perspective of an uncontrolled "over" emotional child's perspective.

    “The four cornerstones of the American political psyche are 1) emotion substituted for thought, 2) fear, 3) ignorance and 4) propaganda”

    I'm not sure these are solely American traits. "They" always think they are first or have a monopoly on shit, don't "they".

    • Bat Chainpuller 14th Nov 2016

      And "we" always think "we" read the right books, newspapers and watch the right TV shows, don't "we". Sit and watch the Lifestyle station for a while, then Grand Designs, then ACC, or some Christian TV channel like Hillsong, then watch Cops, or Adult Cops. Then watch Elysium, ten times. Then watch The Equaliser with Denzel ten times. Then drive your daughter out to the airport so she can travel over to Europe for a holiday, with a kiss goodbye, tears and a "hey, let's be careful out there". Then come home and watch the Taken series of movies. Do I join the Sydney Swans cheers squad like my older sister and daughter have. Where they involve themselves in "community", building banners for the team to run through and yelling and screaming and crying and laughing behind the goals on match day, or do I join OFS, a branch here in Melbourne, even though there isn't one. I can. Always start one. Cheer squad on the one hand, activism on the other? What do I do?

      By the way, don't tell your politically savvy friends you watch the Lifestyle station, or ACC on your mothers Foxtel, or read amy paper from the Murdoch press, particularly the sports section! You will get a startled reaction and are stern talking to, "how can you read and watch that stuff James? My God. Quick, turn on the telly, Dancing With The Stars is on."

      Fo you have a back yard. Well, stop mowing it and neatening it up just for your own pleasure and grow some food on it and make it all available to those less fortunate you elitist snob.

      It's all about establishing relationships in this world isn't it? Good ones. It's that easy. I should not have attacked Jonny Doe so mercilessly. Nor all those who wrote testimonials, like Johnny P. It's true isn't it. What the world needs now is love sweet love. It's the only thing there's just too little of. And I'm being drained of any vestiges of it that may be left inside. Except for my cat. It's just I can't stand Hal David and Burt Bacharach.

      Stop talking! Do! Stop thinking! Do! Stop vacillating and organise! I must organise my music computer. It's all over the place. Sketches, masters, bounced shit all over the place. I can find shit but it's a mess. But you should see my MWMIF cohorts joint. Fuck. Makes me look anal.

      Predictions about Trump? Who cares? What's changed? Really, what? What was already there is just a little more visible than it was before and the distance between those who say or advocate organising is clearer. "Shit, I didn't realise it was so big. Probably need to get one of those jungle canyon rope bridges to get across. Problem is, they are always broken, aren't they."

      I think I read all the right things. I reckon I'm pretty good. Read Michael Albert's article. Made a comment about the L Cohen lyrics he quoted. He informed me it wasn't the substance of the essay. Shit, I didn't notice that! Well, I did, and told him so. I think he felt he should not have put them there. A distraction from the real message. Wouldn't want that, a distraction from the real message, the real substance of what is needed.

      What is needed is like our Buddha nature. Right under our noses. So close we can't see it. People keep writing about it but you will only realise it through practice. Actual doing. Well, go for it people, I gotta get to work. It's now one past nine in the morning and I'm late.

  • Peter Lach-Newinsky 14th Nov 2016

    'What is needed is like our Buddha nature. Right under our noses. So close we can't see it. People keep writing about it but you will only realise it through practice. Actual doing. Well, go for it people, I gotta get to work. It's now one past nine in the morning and I'm late.'

    Amen, bro.