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Flyer For Dublin Anarchist Book Fair Saturday 12th April

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Hi everyone, I'm sorry I cant make it to Dublin this wednesday or for saturdays fair. I'm more than broke & I dont really have the time. I know you must all be busy and constrained by money and your time as well.


But I have made this flyer for IOPS to give out & hopefully recruit with, it suits the audience at the Anarchist fair & asks them to check the IOPS Ireland website.

 IOPS Anarchist Book Fair Flyer (For Web).png


I can print them myself & I've got enough paper and ink to make 120 flyers or so if I print 4 at a time on each A4 glossy photo page & cut them out . I can post them to one of your addresses if you'd like to tell me which? 




Hi again sorry the flyer image didnt upload to this blog, I have made a flyer resource as I should have in first place! Thanks John for pointing this out to me.




It really is a problem how hard it is to communicate visually on this site!! 

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  • Jon Doe 9th Apr 2014

    Thanks for making this short version. There is also a longer 20pg PDF comic version of the mission, vision, values that has pictures and quotes. We have used it with great success in NYC. It can be found on the resources
    "IOPS outreach comic zine" or archived here:

  • Antonio Carty 9th Apr 2014

    Thanks for that it works well with the quotes ect.

  • Michael Albert 17th Jun 2014


    Hi. I have been detached from events for awhile but did just notice your art work. Very very nice. I wonder if it would do you any good if we were to use pieces on ZNet, on the top page. If so, let me know...by email, please.