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Fidel & trump, two men and two words.

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Two Men & Two Words.


In this winter month of dying light that waits to be reborn. Two words, that are also names, embodied and lived by two men, have appeared on our world's conscious stage 'trump' and 'Fidel', and as poor Earth, our only eden sails like the Titanic into an environmental collision, full of drowning refugees who exodus in desperate hope from the consequence of an elsewhere power's blind pretenses & profit. As we all compete in the indignity of nations, to lower our societies values of welfare and wages in a doomed race to the bottom of a voiceless pit, de democratised & infantalised into eventual hateful and obedient clown warriors of billionaire tweeting new corporate pharaoh idiot frat boys, perhaps its time to ponder and pick which of these two words do you prefer?


First word is trump

To trump others no matter the cost. 

To vacillate with lies of hate and fear. 

To facilitate and unleash any evil, 

all to win, perchance to tweet?!

To bully and further depress our imperiled world's hopes,

to honour nothing but thin skinned vanity.

To give children nightmares about their life to be.

All to trumpet your selfish self?





To be faithful to an ideal of your community

To act with others and

To be judged in your efforts and results,

for the better and worse.

To bravely defend with faithful wit against any odds,

all to honour the dignity of others.

To be Fidel, to a truth that only empathy can see and value in its wisdom and fellowship with others.


To trump or to be Fidel?...


Viva Fidelity!

Viva Fidel & all those who live to honour such a word, death does not stop them speaking.

Viva the enduring threat, to all violent power, of a good example in our world, that bullies fear because it has de throned them.


Fidel usurps the trump of petty ego,

it speaks in our hearts louder than trumpets, 

as love will conquer fear.


Thru' the eye of a needle, senor infidel trump, 


(you shall not pass)


- Antonio Carty 

(November 29th 2016)



Cuchulainn Is Not Dead !


by Antonio Carty

(Life Sized Mural Pencil Drawing, 


of a man named Martin on a rainy busy day under Pearse Station bridge, Dublin)

Discussion 4 Comments

  • Lambert Meertens 29th Nov 2016

    What a beautiful mural!

    Without wanting to take away anything from El Comandante’s dedication and accomplishments and while condemning the Empire’s efforts to suffocate Cuba and its support of counterrevolutionary activity, I feel we must not turn a blind eye to the abuses of human rights that took place. I’m against striking the bad against the good, as if it is a balance sheet. We should see the whole picture, and then I mean the whole picture.

    Regimes committing abuses invariably appeal to the greater good, on the left as well as on the right. It is never a valid defense.

  • Bat Chainpuller 29th Nov 2016

    I choose a less mannered approach.

    I choose neither. Fuck Trump. Fuck Fidel.

    I choose a participatory economy. I choose an accompanying polity. I choose no more bullshit.

    I choose time for all to breathe and a less well mannered approach.

    Fuck Trump and Fidel.

    Fuck pithy sayings and speeches. Fuck the romance of revolution. Screw looking backwards...they fucked up. Fuck the Spanish Revolution, it's 2016.

    I choose to play the clown because work kills me. Fuck maturity and adulthood. Adults suck. Tire me out. I choose not to play the game of the well mannered.

    Fuck all these games. Fuck all these essays on Trump and Fidel.

    I choose Sam Dolgoff over both. I choose Marx and Bakunin over either. But then I cast them aside. Fuck 'em.

    Fuck Trump and all his new found infamy. I choose to scream over it. Nah nah nanah nah.

    I won't bow to Fidel either. The Cuban people maybe, but not Fidel.

    I choose Parecon over Kapital, it's shorter. But I do say fuck you estranged labour. And fuck you abstract labour.

    I choose equality and a chance to wake without anxiety, to sleep without fear for my children's future.

    And I say fuck you television and newspapers and journalists. Particularly journalists. Fuck the lot of 'em.

    Fuck Trump and the Left's new found concern. Fuck it all. Fuck Fidel.

    I choose Parecon over anything else. I choose it over Lakey's social democracy. I choose it over market socialism. I choose it over Inclusive Democracy. I choose it over voluntary simplicity. I choose it over vagueness and uncertainty and improvising our way to a future. I choose it over peercommony.

    I choose to say fuck capitalism, not Trump, and fuck markets and fuck Fidel's socialism and his uniform.

    I want non-pecarity. I choose a future for my daughters, not underemployment. Not anxiety and stress. Not sadness and suicide. Fuck off.

    Fuck it all.

    I say fuck electoral politics. I say fuck you to suits and ties.

    I choose makin' shit up over Cohen and Dylan. I choose it's honesty over the false sentiment of pop culture. I say fuck your chords and your shitty pithy predictable harmonic moves you ripped off from the one's who came before.

    Stop stealing shit and claiming it as yours. Fuck your copyright. It's theft.

    The blues is BLACK. Fuck the Rolling Stones and their blues record. I don't need it. Nor want it. Fuck Big Daddy White Geezer. He's had his day.

    No, fuck both of them, I'm not interested in either word.

  • Peter Lach-Newinsky 30th Nov 2016

    Again, great art work, Antonio, really really good! As for your 'Fidel' romanticism, which is so common among the Left, I tend to agree with Lambert and the Bat. To further substantiate my argument, I'll post my own blog on Castro and the Police State Left, and maybe we can get into some sort of dialogue. All the best.

    • Antonio Carty 30th Nov 2016


      Hi Peter, Lambert & Bat. I made my arguments about this here, its a crucial article to read to understand the reality of Cuba & its revolution. Its an excerpt from Noam Chomsky's book on Cuba. A guy in the comments makes a similar point, in response to my comment there. I'm not sure if he read the article or if he did I don't think he tried to put himself in Cuba's shoes for last 5 decades. My reply to him would be same reply I'd give you. What I have to say is there. Thats it really. If we disagree thats fine.