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All Our World Is Ripples!

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All Our World Is Ripples!  by Antonio Carty

The ‘end justifies the means’ Machiavelli’s axiom that was gleefully consumed by the powerful & that capitalism proudly lives by, is a ridiculous & mistaken denial of consequence. It leads to the desperation & violent terror of war on all its terrible scales & blindly guides our Titanic environmental collision.

Those who do whatever to get to their selected end are not the mature realists they praise themselves to be. They are actually the stereo typical character of a spoilt child who will destroy anything to get what they want to & hell with everyone else.

So what’s the alternative? How do we unravel the Gordian knot of consequences that people have tied & tangled up into our world with blind greed & self interest, with thinking bad actions will lead to good ends, with all of our division & co option economically & the gaining thru’ our fears cowardice a mistaken support for these supposedly inevitable national policy’s of  poverty & war?

Well, Alexander the Great famously just hacked & cut thru’ the Gordian Knot, but we cant hack & dispose of reality’s consequences because they live & enact in us all & the planet we are supported by. Our desired ‘ends’ are irrelevant to the consequences of our actions effect on Earth & reactions live in the hearts & minds of each other.

We have to follow a more mature philosophy that breathes peace & trust into all our relations & is based on reflecting on reality fairly & honestly, resulting everywhere in mutual understandings. That will find us a balance in our relations between one & an other. That will lead to our survival within the Earth’s environment.

It is a simple & old mirror philosophy I would say & it is probably the fundamental practical basis of all our religions & expressed by them each in some way or an other. We must try to treat others, as we would honestly & fairly like them to treat us. That’s it, this mirror philosophy’s idea is as simple as a home made compass, but leads us to calm unstoppable realisation of a revolution in every problem of our lives together. It founds a stronger society that will best reveal & resist all malevolences clearly & happily together. Our unique consciousness started when we looked in the water & saw ourselves objectively & subjectively at once. The cosmos is not blind energy & power it is conscious thru’ us. All life, exists in a reflection & balance between its left & right & between ourselves & our consequence reflected within our world.

Our ends don’t justify our means over time, in our shared world, the means we have used, inevitably reflect & define us & our choice of actions might mean the end of us!

All our world is ripples! Its time to grow up to consequence & believe in the true wit of a society’s multiple perspectives, harnessed to truly inform a better democracy. Vast private wealth enslaves society to un democratic misfortunes. Time to take out & use our own home made compasses!



She Rose In Consequence by Antonio Carty

I called this picture ‘She Rose’ as inevitably the Irish did rise & ripple with the tide of our individual multitudes to set us a chance to be free!

The means we used, to get our independence included violent action and we have lived out sad legacies of consequence from that, but the British Empire would not have let us go without that kick, unfortunately. A lesson in the consequence of the means of an empire’s end.

All our actions live out their rippling legacies of reactions in others and ourselves over time. The world is our mirror we can not escape its reflection. Do we revel in a reflection of our fear & aggression or let there bravely be a chance for mercy & new hope to grow, to not repeat injustice? We pay the price, so be sure its worth it! Our action’s share consequence, do not be bullied with your life’s will, be honest to your homemade compass when we try to treat others as we would true & fairly like them to treat us. To unravel the Gordian Knots of injustice’s consequence & grow to live together in a better world society!


Antonio Carty's Art Website can be seen here:https://www.flickr.com/photos/antoniocarty/with/28014780646/

Discussion 12 Comments

  • Peter Lach-Newinsky 18th Oct 2016

    "All our world is ripples! Its time to grow up to consequence & believe in the true wit of a society’s multiple perspectives, harnessed to truly inform a better democracy. Vast private wealth enslaves society to undemocratic misfortunes. Time to take out & use our own home made compasses!"

    Nice, and great artwork, Antonio, keep it up!

    • Antonio Carty 18th Oct 2016

      Cheers Peter! I like the quote you picked, thank you!

  • Rod 21st Oct 2016

    Great artwork and eloquent and true words. The world is indeed ripples. We should be aware of the inertia that comes with that. Change will not happen overnight, even if it sometimes may appear that way.

    There may be periods where on the surface nothing much seems to be going on, but below the surface things are building that will have big consequences at a later point in time, when the time is right for it to rise up.

    • Antonio Carty 21st Oct 2016

      Thanks Rod. Yes thats a good thought, all that we do counts, the good as well!

  • Claire Bruhn 21st Oct 2016

    Beautiful, Antonio. Hope you don't mind, but I just shared this on the FB.

    • Antonio Carty 22nd Oct 2016

      Thank you Claire! No I dont mind, I'm delighted you shared it on FB. I did the same on my FB page but I dont have a big hoarde of friends on it so I think hardly anyone saw it. Thanks a million! P.S. your profile painting is beautiful!

    • Claire Bruhn 22nd Oct 2016

      Thank you! I'm a big fan of your work, I requested you on FB and I've been meaning to join flicker, I'll have to do that. Thank you for sharing!

    • Antonio Carty 22nd Oct 2016

      Thank you Claire my new FB friend! The good thing of posting links to facebook is it might lead others back to IOPS as well!

  • Lambert Meertens 22nd Oct 2016

    Just curious: was the Ripples image created using something like iron filings and manipulating them with a magnetic field?

    • Antonio Carty 22nd Oct 2016

      Hi Lambert, yes you are correct, I freeze the result in varnish. If you look at my Flickr site you can see many more examples & videos of my using and manipulating magnetised iron filing's natural forces as a metaphorical medium to portray conscious spirit & its eternally curious living working mystery, into art results!
      I see you made a computer software that made its own natural music! All these metaphorical processes can echo life & stimulate us to shake familiarities closed book & wonder again fresh about our own existence!
      Cheers amigo!

    • Bat Chainpuller 23rd Oct 2016

      When I think of magnets and magnetism I always think of thi.
      How to get from Magnets, to Aunt Minnie, to Aliens, to ice, to electrical forces and back.

      Feynman at his best.(This comment is one of those ripples)

    • Bat Chainpuller 23rd Oct 2016

      Yeah, so not only will robots do all the drudge work they'll do all the fun stuff too. Yeah thanks Lambert! And who makes music with computer software anyway?