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Interim Committee

The people listed below have constituted an IOPS Interim Consultative Committee available for decisions about interim choices.

  1. All Decision proposals go to the ICC - sent to all ICC members by any other ICC member.
  2. As in the past, these are kept to matters that are truly essential or highly desirable to resolve before a convention, and kept to a minimum.
  3. Any proposals for decision that are uncontroversial, as evidenced by overwhelming ICC agreement as well as obviousness, in their eyes, that the same unity would characterize the whole membership - are decided, as in the past, by the ICC - of course consistently with IOPS commitments.
  4. Any ICC-determined truly essential to address proposals that turn out to be controversial, as evidenced by prior debate among members or by ample differences of view among the ICC, are turned into polls for all members to register preferences about all key aspects.
  5. After a decision related poll is complete - running for a month - the ICC formulates, in light of the results, an uncontroversial compromise solution/proposal for each feature that the ICC believes will appeal to all. That proposal is pitted against the most popular position for each feature as revealed by the earlier poll, in a final run-off election. The winning stance is decided.

The logic is a belief that serious deicsions must await more members, more experience with chapters and program, and more methodology suited to self management - where the latter will be set by a founding convention. The ICC, in other words, is, as the name implies, interim, not optimal, not a model for the future, but suitable for the current moment. Read more about the early role of the interim committee. See also past ICC reports.


Ezequiel Adamovsky Ezequiel Adamovsky (Argentina)

m-adams M Adams (U.S)

michael albert Michael Albert (U.S)

stanley aronowitz Stanley Aronowitz (U.S)

Elaine Bernard Elaine Bernard (U.S/Canada)

Patrick Bond Patrick Bond (S.Africa)

Jason Chrysostomou Jason Chrysostomou (U.K)

Noam Chomsky Noam Chomsky (U.S)

John Cronan John Cronan (U.S)

Denitsa Dimitrova Denitsa Dimitrova (U.K/Bulgaria)

Ben Dangl Ben Dangl (U.S)

Mark Evans Mark Evans (U.K)

Maya Evans Maya Evans (U.K)

Ann Ferguson Ann Ferguson (U.S)

Bill Fletcher Bill Fletcher (U.S)

Justin George Justin George (Australia)

Eva Golinger Eva Golinger (Venezuela)

David Graeber David Graeber (U.K/U.S)

Andrej Grubacic Andrej Grubacic (U.S/Balkans)

David Harvey David Harvey (U.S)

Pervez Hoodbhoy Pervez Hoodbhoy (Pakistan)

Antti Jauhiainen Antti Jauhiainen (Finland)

ria julien Ria Julien (U.S)

Dimitri Konstantinou Dimitri Konstantinou (Greece)

Pat Korte Pat Korte (U.S)

Yoann Le Guen Yoann Le Guen (Wales)

Mandisi Majavu Mandisi Majavu (S.Africa)

Yotam Marom Yotam Marom (U.S)

David Marty David Marty (Spain)

Pablo Ortellado Pablo Ortellado (Brazil)

Harpreet Paul Preeti Paul (U.K)

Cynthia Peters Cynthia Peters (U.S)

John Pilger John Pilger (U.K)

Peter Piperkov (Bulgaria)

Justin Podur Justin Podur (Canada)

Vijay Prashad Vijay Prashad (U.S)

khalida-ramyar Khalida Ramyar (Canada)

Nikos Raptis Nikos Raptis (Greece)

Paulo Rodriguez Paulo Rodriguez (Belgium)

Charlotte Saenz Charlotte Saenz (Mexico)

Anders Sandstrom Anders Sandstrom (Sweden)

Boaventua Santos Boaventura Santos (Portugal)

Lydia Sargent Lydia Sargent (U.S)

Steve Shalom Steve Shalom (U.S)

Uruj Sheikh Uruj Sheikh (U.S)

Vandana Shiva (India)

Chris Spannos Chris Spannos (U.S)

Paul Street Paul Street (U.S)

Verena Stressing Verena Stresing (France/Germany)

Eliot Tarver Eliot Tarver (U.S)

Taylan Tosun Taylan Tosun (Turkey)

Marie Trigona Marie Trigona (Argentina)

Fernando Vegas Fernando Vegas (Venezuela)

Chico Whitaker Chico Whitaker (Brazil)

Gregory Wilpert Gregory Wilpert (U.S)

Florian Zollmann Florian Zollman (U.K/Germany)