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Scepticism : Is It A Necessity In The Contemporary World?

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I will start by mentioning a quotation by the eminent linguist and MIT Scholar Noam Chomsky - 
“The general population doesn't even know what's happening, and it doesn't even know that it doesn't know.”

Be it religious scepticism,scientific scepticism or political scepticism,questioning the authority is a necessary element.Since I am one of those who might be challenged the question,"Then why don't you go question about Marxism and your old,weary manifesto?" 
This would be my extremely humble answer, "I have questioned the possibility of Communism is viable or not because complete economic equality is not achievable and every system,including the communist states should be open enough to be questioned.I believe in the basic ideological part,which says that those who sustain this enormous unit of mankind,known as societies,they should not be left to starve or shiver on a winter night but should have access to at least the basic,most basic rights,which for example they do not have in many places of India.
The Communist Manifesto might be old but it is not weary.In fact,scepticism can incite the necessary changes and strengthen it to the extent after which it might be viable in the contemporary world."
Victor Hugo On Scepticism 

Denis Diderot on Scepticism

Not even half of our population is aware of what happens to the environment and are themselves degrading the conditions further or allowing the government to do so.In case of exploitive governments,like that of the US,the government is too ignorant to listen to people's pleas.

Every political authority has to be questioned to ensure that they allow the citizens the promised freedom.Even if the authority claims to be concerned about workers,it has to be questioned so that this theory achieves practicality or if it has achieved practicality,then it retains.
In case of a capitalist government,the necessity of scepticism grows manifold.The basic reason,again is quite simple. The ideology of Capitalism very closely links with conservative regimes who intend to run (or ruin?) the society by privatisation of capital. No matter where such a government exists,it will always care more about those who have more wealth and less about those who do not have wealth.Even in the United States of America,the working class is not able to enjoy what they produce.The top 1% of the richest population consists of approximately 1/4th the total income of the state.That honestly is like the already well-versed comment,"That is not a capitalist economy anymore.That is a feudalistic economy."
I am afraid our country is going towards a very similar change and "the general population does not know and they do not even know that they do not know."

The current question might be how could someone be so unenthusiastic about a blooming,prosperous government.Then again,the question asked might be how you define prosperity,is it economic growth or is it economic development along with economic growth?The ideology of the largest party in the UPA (United Progressive Alliance),i.e that of INC (Indian National Congress) was Centre to Centre-Left. Even then,Manmohan Singh,who according to me is the Prime Minister of India with least administrative skills and poorest intellect introduced open economy and neoliberalism at its full glory.People don't even know that 40% of the GDP of China is contributed by China's state-owned industries.That is why people do not starve in China.That is why China was able to get rid of poverty so quickly.China is the only example of the perfect balance of monopolistic and perfect competition,i.e,a hybrid communism inspired ideal.We are the victims of economic slavery and are just supposed to wave our tails on ideintification of the direction in which the World Bank throws the bone.Then again,the question is,is it that what we are supposed to do?Then what is the first step to get rid of this?
There is one key to this vast question : education of the general public.Not fundamental education,not the education determined by RSS or Jihadists but truly scientific education,something that will boost true democracy in this country.

Internationalism or Nationalism is another big controversy.However,99% leftists are supposed to be internationalists and 99% conservatives are supposed to be nationalists.Now,how do you define nationalism is the question.Every party or multi-party alliance that comes to power in the country formulates its own definition according to its own needs and benifits.The Left Front in India is extremely weak and unless they bring in more progressive,more understanding,more approachable leaders eradicating the current,unapproachable ones,there is nothing that can be done in this aspect. UPA was capitalist and ignorant,NDA appears to be caring about the country
and give the economy a strong boost but even if growth is strengthened and freedom from stagnation in the industrial sector,who will look after the economic development?People are being brainwashed and encouraged for attaining Hindutva,that is fundamentalism.That is exactly what Jihadists implant in brainwashed 'Muslim population'.Now,these Muslim population do not even know what they are doing.All they are instructed is this is the ultimate way to attain salvation.Girls cannot afford to be educated because that is what is mentioned in the Koran.How many Muslims have questioned what is actually written in the Koran,let us not even go as far as asking why do we even need the Koran.Begum Rokeya herself mentioned no such thing was ever written in the Koran.

Capitalism : A synonym for Nationalism?

Fundamentalism : A Synonym For Nationalism?

The moment NDA came to power,they started struggling on how to implement FDI as fast as possible.Who might have interest behind the implementation of this policy where payment of gratuity is clearly becoming unstable? Multinational Companies. Exactly those companies who have more wealth than some of the developing nations of the world! The moment they see an emerging collapse in the economy,they are going to flee and just imagine how much pauperism would arise if hyperinflation takes place.
In our country,MNCs are engulfing industries and withdrawing labour rights (our own government does not care about labour rights,forget about foreign investors).No economic development means no reduction of inflation,which means currently,or in near future,only fiscal deficit is predictable.That is reduction of value of in terms of  the value of $.Now,some will argue that some inflationary presence is required to prevent long term stagnation of economy.Then let us be sceptic.Why,with all these inflationary presence for 67 long years have our economy degraded so much? Isn't half a centure + one decade + 7 years not enough for economic welfare?

The truth is the general public has always been kept away from what the truth is. They are being instructed that they would attain salvation on wearing a piece of saffron cloth and bathing in cold water in the dawn.Muslim fundamentalists teach children to read only the Koran and no Maths and no Science and of course not Social Science but that stagnant piece of material written thousands of years ago with enough stock of violence to last for all the upcoming years this planet exists.Every blindly written 'religious' book including the Geeta,Koran and Bible have material inciting violence.What is religion? It is something that comes from inside and no one comes and implants than into millions of previously uneducated brains externally.What is actually happening is a large scale social crime and there is no judiciary greater than the people.It is us who have to understand.We do not have to look at any fundamentalist at all but we have to understand the economic nationalism.Not funding our army uselessly and buying weapons at billions of rupees but ensuring that the textile industry has power supply,that we do not have to import clothes despite producing so much of yarn and woven material,that the machinery in the secondary sector is improvised and most importantly,that we are not being fooled.
Now,let me come to education. Manmohan Singh was educated and so are so many other economists but is you ask why then is our country poor it will be very similar to asking,"why is your country not developed in spite of having such a huge population of politicians?"Just like presence of politicians does not mean development of a country,presence of economists do not mean economic development,especially those who are ardent supporters of neoliberalism. I will have to quote Noam Chomsky's words here again,"There is nothing liberal about neoliberalism."

Scepticism is a necessity in today's contemporary world if a true democracy needs to exist.To avoid absolutism,to have a true nation with citizens who are actually aware of what is happening,scepticism perhaps forms the basic hunger in the philosophical sector right now.

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