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Independence in India?

On the 68th Independence Day of India,I should probably be posting Patriotic Quotations and deeds of great men and deeds of glory.But that depends on the perspectives with which you take a look at these long 67 years,almost seven decades and…

Is IOPS Growing More Concerned About Its Own Influence?

If you have seen a few of the last posts on the blog of IOPS,it might seem that IOPS is getting more self centred than it should be.True?Really? Read on to find out.   At first,let us talk about what IOPS has been doing,actually.It has…

What About IOPS in India?

These days whenever I am coming to IOPS,I have been noticing two things - Lack of female members and lack of concern in the third world countries.We will come back to the first point later.Talking of the second,my question is why could this…

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