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Guest Article : Why Does God Hate Women? Written by Wolfgang Goethe,Adjunct Professor of World Religions,Miami Dade College

Two weeks back,I posted a photograph relating to 'Schindler's List' and the Second World War,subsequently after which I noticed a comment from the adjunct professor of World Religions at MDC on the post! I had gone through the profile before…

Women,Makeup And The 21st Century

I had been reading an article at Drishti yesterday,which was all about the history and acceptance of Lipstick.This was just the spark I had been searching for over so many days.It is not that this inspired me to make this post but definitely…

Sign This Petition To Help Greece Fight Against Inhumanity!

I received an e-mail from War on Want today and just when I read 'Greece',thoughts about economy,austerity,World Bank,IMF and inhumanity sprang up at once in my mind.Greece is being subjected to an enormous amount of debt that is next to impossible…

Fundamentalism : How Does It Help? (1)

Post written as a tribute to Late Abhijit Roy and Late Washiqur Rahman,both of whom where atheist bloggers. And the list continues! If fundamentalists are to be blamed,even more intensely should they be blamed who supply them with ammunition.So,if…

Scepticism : Is It A Necessity In The Contemporary World?

I will start by mentioning a quotation by the eminent linguist and MIT Scholar Noam Chomsky -  “The general population doesn't even know what's happening, and it doesn't even know that it doesn't know.” Be it religious scepticism,scientific…

Occupy Wall Street : Causes And Ideas To Stimulate The Movement

The economical explanation and introduction is the part explained by me.The data sources have been mentioned and the actual part of the post,the ideas to stimulate the movement have been originally written by Fred Curran.You can check his profile…

Feminism : Science,History and Philosophy

These days,there is a lot of talk almost everywhere on this topic - Feminism.But before I get into the main content of the post,let me talk about a misconception that seems to sustain itself at the utter disgust of people who know even a bit…

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